17 Noteworthy Audio Products Showcased at InfoComm 2016

Published: June 20, 2016

Audio innovations were plentiful at InfoComm 2016, with products ranging from Dante amplifiers to ceiling-mounted microphones and landscape speakers.

Amplifiers were perhaps the most abundant audio technology on the show floor, with Bose, HARMAN, Soundtube, Ashly Audio and Stewart Audio all showcasing new and/or improved versions of amplifier solutions.

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Wired and wireless microphone technology was also introduced, such as Audio-Technica‘s Ceiling-Mounted Dante-Enabled Mics, which standard with its new ATND8734 Microphone Ceiling Mount Power Module with Dante Network Output. According to the company, this offers a simple and cost-effective solution for integrating these new microphones with a Dante network without the need for a separate, standalone audio interface.

ClearOne also showcased its own version of ceiling-mounted microphone technology, with its second generation Beamforming Mic Array featuring beamforming and adaptive steering. The solution’s sleek design allows it to easily fit into any conferencing environment and can be mounted to a ceiling, wall or table.

Beyond microphones and amplifiers, there were even more noteworthy audio products on display at InfoComm 2016. Click here to view 17 audio solutions from the Las Vegas show floor. 

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