2017 Quest for Quality Awards Recognize Dedication to Channel

Published: 2017-07-19

Integration is a service business, to say the least. It goes without saying, therefore, that the manufacturers and distributors that integration firms lean on should offer a high level of service themselves. Many do and Commercial Integrator’s Quest for Quality Awards is designed to recognize vendors that our readers indicate have gone above and beyond in certain service areas.

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This is not about products. This is about service. We surveyed integrators with open-ended questions encouraging them to name manufacturers and distributors that offer outstanding service with respect to:

  • Customer Service/General Communication
  • Tech Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales/Marketing Assistance
  • Recurring Monthly Revenue Support
  • Warranty Policies
  • Integrator-Friendly Website
  • Training Programs
  • Trade Show Presence
  • Social Media Presence
  • Dealer Incentives
  • Dedication to Channel

Let’s focus on that last one, Dedication to Channel, a little bit. For integration firms to be successful, it’s essential that they demonstrate their value to customers. Products are important, but it’s the integration firm that blends together a customized system that addresses customers’ specific needs. It’s essential that vendors reinforce the integration cycle in everything they do and support it through outstanding service. More than anything, CI’s inaugural Quest for Quality Awards aim to honor manufacturers and distributors that are dedicated to the channel and to helping integration firms thrive.

The winning distributor for the “Dedication to Channel” category, Leyard/Planar, says:

As a display manufacturer, technology innovator, and solution provider, Leyard and Planar have partnered with extensively throughout the A/V community to bring the best innovations and services to our customers. From working with independent consultants who assist with system design, to content providers who bring our solutions to life, to the invaluable integrators who deploy and sustain these mission-critical systems, we provide the expertise, service, and a level of personal dedication that yields successful projects.

With the proliferation of LED video wall technology, there are more manufacturer choices than ever, and increasingly, Leyard and Planar stand alone in our value for, and commitment to, the integrator community. This award reflects that reality, and we are deeply honored to have earned the loyalty of so many customers and partners over many decades.

View the slideshow to see Quest for Quality winners in the above categories

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