28 Products Redefining Meeting Spaces

Published: November 17, 2016

The way people meet has changed dramatically. 

Gone are the days of large conference rooms filled with a dozen or more people discussing the next business plan presented on a paper graph or whiteboard.

In today’s workplaces, it’s all about collaboration.

Small groups of three or four people are meeting in huddle rooms and collaborating on projects. Office employees are communicating with remote employees through videoconferencing and telepresence systems.

With this transformation, meeting space products have made a significant impact on the solutions integrators have delivered to their customers throughout 2016.

From wireless microphone systems to collaboration software and presentation systems, there are a variety of products that have helped integrators build solutions that allow their customers to communicate, collaborate and create more efficiently within meeting spaces. 

Check out the following 28 Products Redefining Meeting Spaces to learn about all of the products that helped integrators deliver top-notch meeting space solutions.

Looking to Solve Pop-Up Huddle Room Challenges?

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