Here’s Why Media Vision Launched Assistive Listening and Streaming Solutions

Published: 2016-07-18

In walking into Media Vision‘s New York City offices, it’s not hard to tell that the company prides itself on its various conferencing solutions.

Its large conference room table proudly showcases the company’s Digital Infrared Wireless Conference Microphones, Video Monitor Delegate Units HD Video Displays, 10″ Touch Screen Paperless Multimedia Congress Terminal and much more.

What may be more difficult to tell at first glance, however, is the fact that the company has expanded its product offerings beyond the solutions displayed on its conference room table.

In taking a closer look, Media Vision is also offering a new video streaming solution, demonstrated on a conference room wall monitor. In addition to this new innovation, the company is also offering an assistive listening solution.

While it may seem like these two products aren’t typical conferencing solutions from Media Vision, the company will tell you that taking the leap into the video streaming and assistive listening categories is exactly what Media Vision’s clients were looking for the company to do.

“As we looked at ways we wanted to move from a company perspective, we had our clients asking us about assistive listening products, so it made natural sense that we would move forward with a product that would provide a relatively easy to use, low technology [solution], but a better product than what the market currently offers,” says Kevin Stoner, director of operations for Media Vision.

Media Vision’s assistive listening solution includes a stationary-based transmitter, Helical or Remote Dipole Antennas, portable transmitter and receiver, microphones, earphones and chargers.

Hear more from Kevin Stone, director of operations for Media Vision, regarding the company’s assistive listening solutions.

Media Vision believes it is answering its client’s demands for an effective, low-cost solution through the assistive listening product’s unique features.

“We really wanted to make sure that we were offering a product that was high feature. We don’t have a different multitude of receivers, we only have one receiver, but that receiver comes full feature. So at a relatively low cost, we’re getting the ability to offer 57 channels, the highest signal to noise ratio as well as programmability. We have up to 10 characters that we can program into our devices that allow the end user to specify how that product is going to be used.”

Another unique feature that Media Vision believes sets its assistive listening solution apart from others is the auto off feature. If the system’s units are not being used and the transmitter is not transmitting, the receivers themselves will recognize this and turn off. This easily preserves the system’s batteries, making life much easier for end users.

The company aims to heavily target the House of Worship market in addition to the corporate market, as it sees a demand for asstive listening in that space.

Don’t expect Media Vision to stop at assitive listening when it comes to offering audio products. Passionate about spreading the word on the value of audio, the company recently recruited four New York City-area slam poets to express what the company calls “soulful insights on the value of audio in shaping life experiences.”

Stoner says the company is constantly looking at how to provide better audio solutions to customers, “because we really believe that audio matters.”

Moving into the video streaming space, Media Vision aims to answer its customers’ demands for a multilingual streaming solution with its Attend Sixteen Capture Device.

“We entered this industry because one, our clients were approaching us and suggesting that a simple, effective hardware-based solution to stream multilingual content would be extremely useful. Second, [the solution] really supplements our current product offerings.  Our conferencing systems can also be put into Attend Sixteen, in particular our simultaneous interpretation. It really adds a new aspect to those existing systems,” says Liam Joy, international sales assistant at Media Vision.

Hear more from Liam Joy, international sales assistant for Media Vision, regarding the company’s new Attend Sixteen video streaming solution.

With Attend Sixteen, users can choose their language from their web browser, ensuring all users have access to public content when attending multilingual meetings. 

This solution is unique to the video streaming category as multilingual content often requires a separate video stream for each language. For example, if 10 different languages need to be streamed,  users typically need ten separate encoders and feeds with each corresponding language attached to them.

With Attend Sixteen, these separate encoders and feeds aren’t necessary, as the solution embeds up to 16 channels of audio through Dante onto one single video feed.

Joy adds that the solution’s integration with Dante also allows for easy integration with an existing infrastructure.

“For integrators, it’s really important that a Attend Sixteen first of all uses Dante. This allows for really easy integration into an existing infrastructure. It’s a centralized, hardware based all in one solution. It represents a saving on bandwidth, cost of transmission, and the end user can just select that channel on the far end.”

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