3 New Market Opportunities to Consider

Published: 2021-11-19

Large venues, live events and cinemas took a hard hit during the pandemic. However, AVIXA’s State of the AV Industry report reveals recovery is ahead with several new market opportunities set to abound. There is no question, the areas hardest hit by the pandemic were the most reliant on the audience being physically present. As audiences return, revenues do as well, which will drive renewed investment in pro AV to support, according to Sean Wargo, AVIXA’s senior director of market intelligence 

“We saw healthcare, energy, government, military, even residential; we know that consumers were at home, they started to invest in their technology that translated to pro AV to some extent, but those were the bellwethers for the industry,” he said to an audience at InfoComm

Corporate settings were also right in the middle the largest area of investment, as companies tried to adapt to new flexible workplaces.

“Though most prior behaviors are expected to return, the pandemic has influenced the way we do many things. Schools, offices, stores, and venues will invest in adaptations as a result,” he says. 

New pro AV revenue peaks are projected to come forth in a multitude of areas, some of which include enterprise broadcasting, e-sports, and outdoor electric vehicle charging displays. 

Enterprise Broadcasting 

AVIXA’s quarterly survey reveals companies are making significant investments in the ability to create content and distribute content out in a broadcast fashion, streaming being the primary mode of distribution. During the pandemic, many athletes still played games without spectators, leaving enterprises to re-imagine the game itself beyond the venue. 

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“Facility operators got creative in the ways they used technology to keep fans engaged,” says Wargo. “[We] witnessed indoor arenas install flat panel displays and additional networking back-ends to give the appearance of fans filling the seats. Or in other cases, usage of a larger direct-view LED display facing into the areas around a stadium to broadcast out to tailgating fans. Perhaps more mundane, but equally important was the stepped-up capture, production, and streaming of the games out to remote spectators.” 

While in-person events return, enterprises have learned the importance of audience engagement, which will continue to drive investments in content production and streaming. 


From the classroom to the world stage, some universities are converting areas of their campuses to eSport centers — and even offering curriculums dedicated to developing professional skills in it. The global esports market size was valued at $1.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 24.4% from 2020 to 2027, according to Grandview Research. The rise of live streaming of the games and increasing infrastructure for league tournaments presents an opportunity for integrators.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

While digital signage has long been a feature of indoor environments, recently it’s emerged as a key communication tool in outdoor settings. Sales of electric vehicles (EV) are expected to grow rapidly, along with the installation of EV stations, according to Samsung Display Solutions.

As the hotel industry recovers from the pandemic, it seeks new ways to attract guests— one avenue could be through advertising on electric car charging stations, explains Chris Mertens, vice president of sales at Samsung, speaking at InfoComm.

Samsung’s EV Charging Stations not only provide charging services, but a visual channel for guest services, membership programs and third-party advertising. It provides an elevated experience while customers are charging their vehicles. 


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