4 Most Innovative Classroom Technology Products of 2017: The Best in Document Cameras, IP Paging and More

Published: December 21, 2017

Imagine a classroom technology integration job that required 13 miles of cable in one building. Or, on a smaller but equally breathtaking scale, the possibility of students learning from virtual worlds constructed with the technology you installed.

These are opportunities for integrators now, though, not in 2055.

Forward-thinking integrators in the learning spaces and training rooms markets have to consider new ways to use document cameras, IP paging and other standard classroom technology to remain competitive in an increasingly IP-centric world.

Teachers are striving to reach students on a deeper level, and many students respond to unaccustomed experiences, like field trips or non-traditional learning methods.

Odds are some of your most valuable learning experiences happened on a trip to an alternate learning space like the planetarium or a museum.

Virtual reality and similar tech can imitate these real-word situations, allowing students to experience and explore new environments that were never before possible due to budget or time restraints.

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classroom technology, training rooms, IP paging, Document Cameras

But it’s not all about the technology itself. The value that integration firms and consultants bring to learning spaces customers is in understanding their unique organization challenges and designing systems that solve them.

That being said, products are a big part of those solutions. Throughout 2017, the industry saw great innovation from its manufacturers.

Many manufacturers touted new AV over IP solutions, while others focused on streaming products.

The products we’ve gathered here are, by no means, the only products released during 2017, nor do they create an all-encompassing list of beneficial products for the AV industry.

With that disclaimer in place, however, you’ve got to admit that these 11 in-ceiling microphones, condensers, and pro speakers go a long way toward defining the direction that pro audio integration took in 2017.

Click on the following companies to see their most innovative Document Cameras, IP Paging products, and other classroom technology and products for training rooms:

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