6 Integration Firms the Entire Industry Can Learn From

Published: 2016-12-26

A lot of factors go into choosing which integration firms are featured in our CI Profile cover stories.

The biggest and by far most important factor, however, is simple: Analysis of their business operations and strategies must translate to valuable lessons for our audience.

In choosing CI Profile subjects we’re not necessarily trying to identify the industry’s best companies, but we are absolutely trying to identify firms that are implementing unique strategies or overcoming unique challenges.

Only six integration firms graced the cover of CI in 2016 since we featured five issues with non-CI Profile cover stories.

With the year nearly in the rearview mirror, let’s look back at what we learned from those six firms.

1. Synergy Media Group

Outlier or Outlaw?

Synergy Media Group broke industry tradition to generate a new revenue stream. We welcomed industry debate about whether it was right to do so.

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2. Unified AV Systems

Taking Project Management from Problem to Profit Center

Customers are evolving. The industry is evolving. Your processes should evolve, too.

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3. Westbury National

‘Custom’ Isn’t Dead

The “race to the bottom” is voluntary, and some firms are able to rise above it.

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4. Casaplex

Time to Reprogram Hiring Process

These guys are well-positioned to sell to IT departments. Are you?

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5. Genesis Integration

Nobody Said Transitioning to Service Would Be Easy

Instead of talking about service revenue, commit to the cultural change.

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6. Dasnet

Overcoming Challenges Is About Calculating Risk

Loyalty to customers is a powerful business tool.

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