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Sonance to Acquire James Loudspeaker

Sonance will acquire James Loudspeaker in the latest AV industry acquisition.

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Sonance to Acquire James Loudspeaker

Sonance, a manufacturer of loudspeakers in the smart home and commercial lighting channels, has announced it will acquire James Loudspeaker.

In a press release, the company says:

James Loudspeaker was established in 1999 by a group of dedicated audio engineers, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs and has established itself as a world leader and innovator in both high-performance residential and commercial audio solutions.

Providing products for exclusive homes, forward-thinking businesses, and upscale marine applications, James Loudspeaker takes pride in its ongoing spirit of innovation, unprecedented customization capabilities, and excellence in design and build quality. James products are known for delivering the ultimate entertainment experience while maintaining a minimal visual presence in interior or exterior applications.

“We could not be more excited to bring James Loudspeaker into the Sonance family,” said Ari Supran, CEO at Sonance.

“Their history of innovation, their mastery of customization and their passion for aesthetics are right in line with our core principles here at Sonance: that technology should disappear into architecture, that authentic partnerships are what set us apart, and that our long, proud heritage of innovation drives everything we do .”

“James Loudspeaker was not for sale,” cites Mark Schafle, James Loudspeaker CEO.

“After a chance encounter and subsequent conversations, we learned that our customization and manufacturing capabilities fit perfectly with the Sonance strategy and culture. We are thrilled to become part of the Sonance family, and we look forward to taking what we do to the next level.”

Sonance and James expect the deal to close before the end of the year and will continue to operate as separate companies while the combined team learns what makes each brand unique.

Over time, Sonance will identify areas where the strengths of both companies can be leveraged to provide maximum value to their combined customer base.

Commercial Integrator will have more on this shortly.

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