Airtame Launches Share to Call Feature for Hybrid Conferencing

Published: May 17, 2023

Airtame, the creator of the hardware-enabled SaaS collaboration platform for businesses and schools, is launching its new Share to Call feature designed to allow any person in the meeting room to instantly share their screen into a Zoom or Teams call without the hassle of joining the call from their personal device (in which they have to mute their microphone and speaker, turn off their camera, and then start sharing).

“Having to join a call with your own device just to share your screen – even though you’re in the room in which a meeting is already taking place – is a major pain point that the industry has adopted and has yet to change in a way that is truly easy and intuitive for the end-user,” says Susanne Lund, Airtame CEO.

“With Airtame Share to Call, any meeting participant within the room can share content instantly rather than having to go through the unnecessary process of logging in to screen share. This new feature makes hybrid meetings truly equitable because it makes it just as easy for in-person meeting participants to share their screens as it is for remote participants.”

In addition to making screen sharing faster and easier during hybrid meetings, Share to Call eliminates audio feedback when users forget to mute before joining a call to share. It also saves battery power since the user’s computer doesn’t have to use its resources to run a conference call, the company says.

In addition, Share to Call saves bandwidth on the local network – as in-person participants no longer have to load all call contents on their devices.

How Airtame Share to Call Feature Works

According to Airtame, users can now share their screen as a room host that started the call, as a local participant in the same room and as a remote participant. The process is easy: one meeting participant starts the call as a ‘room host’ using Airtame Hub.

Then, a second user in the meeting room can launch the Airtame application, select the room/device and click “share screen.” An intuitive pin code appears on the screen to verify that the user is in the room and permitted to share. The sharing user can select whether they’d like to share their entire screen, or a specific window (which ensures no notifications or unwanted content is shared into the call).

Once shared, the user’s screen is visible both locally in the meeting room and for remote participants using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. For local participants, it is possible to screen share through the Airtame desktop app – with Miracast, AirPlay and Google Cast compatibility coming in the near future, according to Airtame.


Share to Call is now available on the Airtame Hybrid offering, so long as device firmware is updated to version 5.2, and the Airtame app is updated to version 4.6.3. The Airtame Hybrid offering consists of both hardware and software. Airtame Rooms – the software component running on Airtame Hub – integrates with multiple services, enabling flexibility and ease. Airtame Hub – the hardware component – enables the premiere Airtame experience for screen sharing, digital signage, and seamless hybrid conferencing.

Another version of this article originally appeared on our sister-site My TechDecisions on May 17, 2023. It has since been updated for Commercial Integrator’s audience.

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