ALHI Introduces Delos Wellness Accreditation for Meetings & Events

Published: November 12, 2021

Delos has joined forces with Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) to help bring the Delos Wellness Accreditation for Meetings and Events to market for the first time. This newly established program helps planners better understand the value of wellness practices, as well as how to better implement them in events and meetings.

“Wellness around meetings goes well beyond the Protocols that have become part of our vernacular,” said ALHI President and CEO Michael Dominguez. “But there is so much opportunity for education around the things we can do to elevate the well-being of our attendees and create environments where we can thrive.”

About the Program

The Delos Wellness Accreditation for Meetings and Events uses scientific research to lay out a groundwork of knowledge and resources for planners. Participants in the program learn how to design, plan and implement proven wellness practices to create safe, healthier experiences for attendees.

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As part of the program, participants are led on a five-hour long journey through a series of topics, including air, water, light, nourishment, movement, comfort and mindfulness in a sequence that relates these key concepts to the wellness meeting space. Planners are then given opportunities of self-reflection and practice on how to best equip a space for creating an optimal wellness environment. The program also features routine knowledge checks for requisite comprehension.

“We know from market research and feedback from partners that business travelers are seeking healthier travel and meeting experiences that prioritize their well-being while away from home,” said Peter Scialla, President and COO of Delos. “We are excited to equip meeting planners with the tools they need to deliver healthier, more productive meetings to attendees.”

“A healthy meeting is a happy meeting and when people feel safe in their meeting spaces – that is when the most meaningful meetings can occur. This accreditation also provides planners with a way to attract new clientele. Planners and meeting attendees alike can meet with confidence knowing that they are in as healthy of an environment as possible from a mental and physical standpoint,” said Dominguez.

The first credential program to come from the ALHI and Delos partnership, the team have also stated that additional advanced training options are planned. For more information on the Delos Wellness Accreditation for Meetings and Events, please visit

This article originally appeared on our sister site DesignWell365.

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