Arista 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Receiver Enables Connectivity up to 330 Feet

Published: October 13, 2017
Arista ARD-1008A 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Receiver

Known for its video wall LCD displays, AV extenders, matrix switchers and AV multiviewers, Arista Corporation has announced its new ARD-1008A 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Receiver.


Designed as a two-gang solution that enables Ultra HD connectivity via a single Cat-6 cable, the ARD-1008A serves integrators as a dual-purpose product that provides KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extender and HDMI extender receiver.

“The ARD-1008A is a compact, single cable solution for extending 4K UHD video, audio, RS-232, USB, bi-directional IR and 10/100 Ethernet in a convenient manner,” says Paul Shu, president of Arista Corporation.

“This product supports video signals up to 4K/UHD with embedded multichannel audio and powered by PoE [power over Ethernet]. Further, the ARD-1008A’s HDBaseT implementation provides 10.2Gbps of bandwidth on all channels. The unit requires no software for operation; its firmware is field upgradable via its mini-USB port, and it supports hot plugging—[to] enable equipment to be connected or disconnected without having to power the equipment off. I’m confident AV integrators will find much to like. [about the ARD-1008A]”

Inside Arista ARD-1008A 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Specifications

Elaborating on Shu’s comments, the Freemont, Calif.-based company states the ARD-1008A employs the HDBaseT protocol to receive uncompressed 4K UHD video and HD multichannel audio, high-speed Internet and control options such as RS-232, IR and USB signals.

Enabling the reception of signals from as far as 330 feet (100 meters), the 1008A 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Receiver allows professional integrators to power the unit local from the rear panel or remotely via PoE.

The Arista 1008A 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Receiver is also compatible with HDCP 2.2 copyright protection, and it supports EDID functions to allow displays to match the resolution of source signals.

Arista Corporation adds the 1008A 4K HDBaseT Wallplate Receiver is a turnkey solution that doesn’t need software for operation, and it is field upgradable through its mini-USB port.

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