Demand for 4K Grows; 3LCD Becomes Popular Choice

Published: June 16, 2015

With almost universal support from the consumer and commercial electronics industries, the UltraHD or 4K video market continues to gain momentum.

A newly announced study conducted by the firm IHS finds that 4K LCD panel shipments continue to rise, and for the first time, those shipments exceeded 3 million units in April 2015.

IHS says UltraHD LCD panels now account for 14 percent of all TV panels shipped globally per month. The company extrapolates its data by estimating that by 2016 one-in-five TV panels will be a 4K product.

“Prices for 4K TV panels continued to decline in 2014 and early this year causing a rise in their adoption,” points out Linda Lin, senior analyst, IHS Technology. “Most global TV brands have now launched 4K UHD [ultra high definition] and are introducing more 4K models to their television offerings.”

The research company adds that since the early days of 4K technology shipments have steadily increased, but as recently as 2013 the shipment numbers totaled less than 10,000 per month. More recent investments by the major electronics brands IHS adds are helping to fuel the category’s meteoric growth.

“While panel makers in Taiwan initially developed and stimulated 4K TV panel production, South Korean panel makers are now leading the 4K TV panel market,” states Lin. “In fact, LG Display and Samsung Display have risen to become the largest global manufacturers of 4K displays.”

3LCD a Popular Option for Manufacturers

A newly published report from PMA Research finds 3LCD as the most frequently used projection technology in the research firm’s “Mainstream” and “High-End” market segments.

PMA states that in the U.S. 3LCD holds a 15-point advantage over its nearest competitor, and according to the video technology group, its adoption in the market is attributable to its ability to deliver bright colors, vivid detail and long-term reliability.

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