ATEN & NETGEAR Partner to Streamline AV-Over-IP Infrastructure

Published: January 12, 2024
Courtesy/ATEN Technology

ATEN International, the Taiwan-headquartered provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, announced a strategic partnership with NETGEAR. The partnership originated in the Taiwan market, with a collaboration through NETGEAR’s Taiwan distributor, NETBRIDGE Technology. Together, they aim to lead in the realm of AV over IP infrastructure, with plans to soon expand from the Taiwanese market to a global outreach. This technical collaboration promises stable, high-performance solutions for a range of applications, including digital signage and audiovisual extensions in control rooms, all while keeping pace with rapidly evolving technological trends.

Both ATEN and NETGEAR, as global AV technology solution providers, will integrate their expertise and resources to deliver AV-over-IP solutions (AVoIP). This collaboration will provide system integrators with a more streamlined AV infrastructure, simplifying and reducing the costs of AV wiring projects, enhancing maintainability, and ensuring higher product performance and stability, says ATEN. This will also empower customers to swiftly and cost-effectively implement AVoIP projects.

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Benefits of ATEN & NETGEARs Technical Collaboration

Key advantages of the ATEN and NETGEAR technical collaboration include:

  • Stable product performance and scalability: The technical teams of both companies will closely cooperate to ensure that the integrated product solutions are highly compatible and stable, performing excellently in various application environments. New products will also offer high scalability to cater to constantly changing customer needs.
  • Localized services: Both ATEN and NETGEAR have a global service network. Clients will benefit from local support and services, ensuring the smooth execution and maintenance of their projects.
  • User-friendly WEB GUI / APP management tools and simple IP settings: The integrated product solutions provided by both parties will offer intuitive Web GUI and APP management tools, enabling clients to easily set up and manage AVoIP systems without any cumbersome procedures.

AVoIP infrastructure plays a crucial role in modern buildings and is particularly essential in airports, shopping malls, stations, and control centers that require high-quality AV systems and signal extensions to offer real-time information, entertainment and surveillance. Furthermore, applications like digital signage and audiovisual extension in control rooms will benefit from the technical collaboration between ATEN and NETGEAR, offering more innovative solutions for these venues.

ATEN & NETGEAR Featured Products

Featured products include:

  • ATEN HDMI AV over IP Extenders: transmits lossless 1080p/4K AV signals over standard GB network switches with no distance limitations, extending from point-to-point to multi-point to multi-point. It supports various functions such as signal extension, splitting, matrix switching, videowalls, and daisy chaining, ideal for digital signage and other high-quality image display environments.
  • ATEN KVM over IP Matrix System: combined with KVM over IP signal extenders and KE Matrix Manager software (CCKM), offers flexibility in extending, controlling, monitoring and accessing computers with DisplayPort/HDMI/DVI interfaces over a standalone network. The system separates the operator from the server, allowing remote, secure access and centralized server management. Additionally, ATEN’s Boundless Switching enables easy control-switching between computers just by moving the mouse cursor to the screen edge. With a simple button press, content can be shared instantly from a single video-receiving device or an entire videowall. This solution is ideal for war rooms, traffic control centers, command centers, military control systems, and other areas requiring real-time AV signal management and control.
  • NETGEAR AV Network Switches M4300/M4250/M4350 series: integrated with NETGEAR Engage switch control software. This free management software greatly simplifies network settings for Pro AV technicians. Integrators can select the AVoIP protocol and the relevant ports, and the NETGEAR switch in the network will be auto-configured to support Pro AV devices from various manufacturers, ensuring seamless mixed AV transmission within the same network environment with consistent transmission quality. Pro AV technicians can easily complete previously complex network setups through a graphical interface without needing to understand the principles of various network protocols.

Nicholas Lin, Senior Vice President of ATEN, says, “ATEN is extremely excited about our technical partnership with NETGEAR. This collaboration not only offers superior distributed AV solutions for our clients but also accelerates the application of IP-based technologies. Our integrated solutions offer unparalleled compatibility and stability, and with our joint global service networks, clients can enjoy local technical support from both ATEN and NETGEAR. We anticipate that this technical alliance will bring unexpected delights to our customers.”

Richard Jonker, Vice President of Commercial Business Development, says, ” NETGEAR AV is excited to strengthen the partnership with ATEN. With the broad portfolio of audio and video over IP products, ATEN benefits from NETGEAR’s network design knowledge. Both companies want to make AV-over-IP easy to deploy for their worldwide integrators.”

Pioneering the Future of Distributed AV

Per ATEN, the technical collaboration with NETGEAR will redefine the standards in the distributed AV domain, offering clients superior product solutions and services. This partnership aims to play a pivotal role in the practical implementation of digital transformation. The collaboration will continue to expand from the Taiwanese market to the global stage, striving to bring more innovations to the entire industry to meet the constantly changing technological needs. The objective of this partnership is to push the limitless possibilities of AV technology, offering flexible, efficient, and more stable solutions, and ensuring that clients are well-prepared to meet the myriad digital challenges of the future.

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