Atlona Introduces OmniStream R-Type System at CEDIA 2017

Published: September 12, 2017
Atlona introduced the OmniStream R-Type system at CEDIA 2017 for residential and light commercial applications.

In an effort to simplify complex, multipoint signal distribution architectures in residential and light commercial applications, Atlona recently introduced its new OmniStream R-Type at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego. [related]

A streamlined version of its award-winning OmniStream AV over IP platform, OmniStream R-Type “gives custom installers a simple way to support any number of sources and destinations over the home network using existing structured cable and an off-the-shelf network switch,” according to the company’s announcement.

“This is especially useful for end customers that have an imbalance of inputs to outputs – i.e., a minimal number of sources feeding a large number of destinations. The ability to use existing network infrastructure is an enormous benefit in large homes and light commercial facilities where architectural designs limit access to work behind walls and other barriers,” according to the Atlona press release.

Here’s more about the Atlona OmniStream R-Type system:

OmniStream R-Type provides additional value by supporting pristine video quality with extremely low-latency delivery in the home or small business, such as a sports bar or restaurant. OmniStream R-Type today supports HDR for formats all the way up to UHD at 60 Hz, and is designed to meet all requirements for future 4K and UHD formats. OmniStream R-Type also provides a fully scalable platform to add new video/audio sources and destinations to existing installations.

“It is increasingly common for a custom installer to win projects with imbalanced, asymmetrical sources and destinations – four inputs and 28 outputs, for example,” said Nick Bethard, Atlona’s senior product manager for networked AV. “OmniStream R-Type is a solution ideally geared toward projects that exceed 16×16 systems or need to leverage existing networking to provide an any-to-any solution for customers that demand exceptional video and audio quality in a single, unified distribution architecture.”

To further simplify system integration and minimize costs, OmniStream R-Type can be powered using a PoE-equipped Gigabit switch or using a dedicated power supply. They are configured using the free Atlona Management System (AMS) 2.0 software, which serves as a centralized portal to monitor and manage an OmniStream R-Type system.

Atlona expects to release the system in November.

Click here for more information about the Atlona OmniStream R-Type system.



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