Audinate Announces AES67 Support for Dante Ultimo Chipsets, SMPTE Support Across Dante Platform

Published: April 16, 2018

Audinate recently announced the availability of Dante 4.1 for the Ultimo UXT family of audio networking chipsets.

The Ultimo UXT chipsets “bring Dante audio networking to two- and four-channel count products and is currently implemented in hundreds of AV products, including powered speakers, microphones, AV wall plates, amplifiers, paging stations, personal monitoring systems, recording interfaces, intercoms, and analog/digital break-in/break out interfaces,” according to the Audinate press release. [related]

The Dante Ultimo firmware update “adds the ability for these products to send audio streams to other non-Dante products that use the AES67 standard,” according to the Audinate announcement.

Audinate released AES67 support last year in its Dante Brooklyn II, Dante Broadway, Dante PCIe, Dante MY-16, Dante HC, and Dante IP Core products.

The Dante platform is the dominant audio networking technology that has been adopted by over 400 AV manufacturers, and implemented in over 1400 commercially available products.

“The addition of AES67 to Ultimo UXT reflects Audinate’s commitment to add support for new standards to the Dante platform,” says Joshua Rush, senior VP of marketing and product at Audinate.

“In particular, in the broadcast industry we want to make sure that our OEM partners and their customers are able to enjoy the benefits of the complete Dante 4.1 solution while also maintaining compliance with industry standards for interoperability.”

Underscoring Audinate’s support of new standards within the Dante platform, the company also announced support for SMPTE 2110 across the entire Dante platform by the end of 2018.

SMPTE ST-2110 is a new suite of standards developed by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers to support real-time media network distribution using IP networking technology.

Standards Supported by the Dante 4.1 for the Ultimo Update

The update will include support for a number of relevant standards, including SMPTE ST-2110-10, 2110-30, and 2059-2.

The SMPTE 2110 feature will be enabled through the Dante 4.1 Domain Manager software platform and firmware updates for Dante IP Core, Dante HC, Dante Brooklyn II and Dante Ultimo.

These Dante technologies are featured in a wide variety of products used by the broadcast industry, and will be highlighted through Audinate’s participation in plug-fests and showcases.

“Audinate is committed to interoperability as foundational to the value we provide our customers, partners and the industry,” says Rush.

“Nowhere is this more evident or important than in the broadcast community where dual requirement for standards compliance and advanced functionality place interoperability as an essential premium.”

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