Audio Engineers Use Soundscapes to Make More Productive Offices

Published: November 12, 2021
Photo by Spatial

Long-time proponents of audio wellness Spatial and Made Music Studio have just announced a partnership to create series of immersive and engaging soundscapes for any environment. Their first target? The workplace. With Made Music Studio supplying the audio and Spatial helping orchestrate everything, the pair aim to transform the workplace with a cutting-edge wellness tool powered by sound.

It may be a little-known fact to many that office environments already regularly employ soundscapes for better wellbeing. Ever notice that gentle white noise? It’s not the air intake of the HVAC system, it’s actually a crafted sound designed to improve wellbeing while within these indoor spaces.

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Research done by Made Music Studio even demonstrates how much this sonic environment matters in a space. Well-crafted music and sound can move individuals into a state of relaxed productivity that is 16% more calming and 13% more pleasant on average than a typical office ambience condition.

“How and where audio is deployed and designed can significantly impact our experiences. We know that there is an 86% correlation between one’s reaction to sound and their subconscious desire to return to that space,” shares Lauren McGuire, President of Made Music Studio.

However, in this collaboration, the white noise of the traditional office space will replaced with ambient scores crafted by Made Music Studio, utilizing musical compositions, biophilic audio and other research-backed sounds to help improve the wellbeing and performance of employees throughout the day.

More on the Soundscapes Project

According Spatial, these soundscapes being developed are being done so under the consideration of a physical workplace’s unique strengths. With many business leaders still trying to navigate new architects of workstyles, hybrid work continues to be a dominant strategy. As such, the pair’s soundscapes lean into tracks that will enhance creativity, teamwork and performance throughout the day in these spaces.

Made Music Studio also emphasizes the natural connection these tracks have, with each of the ambiences having been inspired by nature’s four main elements of air, earth, water and fire.

The tracks include:

  1. Welcome ambience: for use in lobbies & entry points to offices & corporate spaces; inspiring warmth and interconnectedness.
  2. Focus ambience: for use in coworking spaces or other quieter spaces that are used for focused productivity; inspiring relaxation and intimacy while reducing distractions.
  3. Energizing ambience: for use in high-energy communal spaces and high-traffic areas (e.g., dining, recreation areas, hallways); inspiring optimism and motivation.

Curious to hear what they sound like? This first series will be premiering on November 16th as part of NYCXDesign, so those attending will be able to have front row seats to the first performance.

Beyond that, one can only guess at what the partnership has in store, for future spaces. However, given their histories, we might expect to see soundscapes targeting retail, hospitality and perhaps even healthcare settings in the near future.

This article originally appeared on our sister site Designwell365.

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