Audio-Technica Presents ‘How to Mic a Zombie’

Published: October 30, 2014

Zombies are purely fictional, right? Right??

Every year around Halloween, the line between real and make-believe starts to blur. Maybe you watch one too many horror movies on TV or on the big screen and you start thinking … what if? How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse?

Audio-Technica is preparing for the worst, too. It knows surviving in a zombie apocalypse depends on being prepared for every aspect of life — even microphone technique.

Recording zombie audio is a dangerous and difficult task, even if The Walking Dead makes it seem easy. Zombies never cooperate, they wander off in search of their next meal, and they can’t be relied on to handle delicate audio equipment with the proper care.

Don’t get caught with awkward sound clips recorded on your smartphone — use your uneaten brains and capture those high-quality zombie groans before your competition does.

In this spooky video, Audio-Technica teaches you “How to Mic a Zombie.” Boom mics? Wireless mics? You’re sure to find out as Audio-Technica goes where no audio pro has gone before. Just don’t get too close…

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