Watch the AV Industry React to Quarantine in These Uplifting Ways

The live events and AV industries are facing rough times — which is why it’s so incredible to see some reacting with hope, humor, and bravery.

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Watch the AV Industry React to Quarantine in These Uplifting Ways

We’ve been online a lot (some would say too much) lately. We know many of you have been, too. Quarantine — and the resulting business stresses so many are facing right now — has many in the AV industry pretty stressed out and constantly checking their feeds and communicating with coworkers.

Stress can bring you to many kinds of places: it can take over completely; but it can also inspire you to do some really uplifting, productive, or even humorous things.

I was really intrigued to see what members of the pro AV, live events, and related industries were doing to pass the time; I didn’t know just how many awesome things I’d find.

But first: there’s obviously a pressing need to think about how to keep your business strong in this really rough economy — and we’ve provided some business resources for you here. But it’s also something of a relief to see business owners, managers, and technicians respond with something positive and light-hearted.

So let’s take a look at how some of you are passing the time and making the most of it:

Putting those wiring & programming skills to work

This clever individual from the “AV Install Nightmares” Facebook Group custom-built a RetroPie system, which allows them to emulate thousands of classic arcade games from the comfort of their couch.

Listen: Good News: There’s Something You Can Do to Stay Afloat: Episode 97 of AV+

A little fun with a projector (and a furry friend)

This AV Install Nightmares member found that their cat enjoyed tinkering with the projector screen, too.

A song against quarantine

Some employees at Harford Sound riffed off the “Friends” theme by poking fun of the things we’re all dealing with while stationed at home.

Finding humor in a stressful time

So many of you came up with some pretty great gags against the isolation of #Quarantine2020. Here are just a few of them.

This Facebook user made an important self-discovery:


Another shared a familiar meme… but with a videoconferencing twist:


More classic videoconferencing mentalities: 


… and did we mention videoconferencing memes?


And then there’s these goons (our own coworkers Shawn & Zach):


Have your coworkers done something productive, funny, or uplifting to pass the time during quarantine? Show us in the comments below, or email: [email protected]


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