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10 Messy AV Racks That Leave You Wondering, ‘Why?!’

These 10 AV rack wiring jobs might leave you feeling perplexed, frustrated, or maybe downright scared. Who thought this was acceptable?

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10 Messy AV Racks That Leave You Wondering, ‘Why?!’
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Every AV integrator has an AV rack wiring horror story: a time when they walked onto a job and immediately cancel dinner and prepare to work past 5. This happens because of a previous inept installer, or worse, when clients feel they can handle setup themselves.

In fact, there’s a whole Facebook group dedicated to showing off the results of these poor excuses for AV rack wiring and installations in general.

We’ve compiled a slideshow of some of the most atrocious AV rack installations and nests of wires spotted in the field by keen industry folks who were too shocked to look away.

It isn’t clear in some of these pictures if the tech was installed by an actual integrator or a business owner who wanted to save some cash. But either way, all of these images illustrate an immense need for a qualified installer.

Good AV wiring sets up a home for a better user experience. Commercial integrators know poor AV wiring and cabling isn’t limited to the residential world, either. Here’s a good example of some seriously terrible restaurant AV installations.

No matter the situation, a lot can be learned by examining these photographs. While it’s definitely easier to leave a messy but otherwise functional rack alone, a certain amount of personal pride should come into play for a reputable integrator.

Click here to see the slideshow of some of the worst AV racks spotted by integrators

Either way, pointing out these disasters is both fun and a little bit scary.

Thanks to the contributors over on the AV Install Nightmares Facebook group for these photos. 

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