AVer’s FONE540 Now Zoom Certified

Published: October 15, 2021

AVer says its FONE540 speakerphone has been certified by Zoom, becoming the company’s latest product to pass Zoom’s stringent laboratory tests that ensures seamless integration with the videoconferencing platform.

Now, the FONE540 is officially a third-party Zoom certified audio device, allowing Zoom users to upgrade their remote collaboration setups from their built-in laptop speakers or outdated speakerphones.

According to AVer, the FONE540 “gives users enterprise-grade audio to run more efficient and productive meetings with crystal clear interactive communication.”

Chris DeNovellis, a hardware partnerships expert at Zoom, said in a statement that the speakerphone can be used in small-to-medium conference rooms and anywhere else a speakerphone can add value.

Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware gives customers reliable products that meet our standards to deliver high-quality, seamless communication experiences,” he said.

The device features:

  • Flexible connectivity in any room and the ability to daisy chain additional microphones or up to two extra speakerphones to fit any meeting space.
  • Clear communication and “premium audio quality” with noise filtering technology.
  • Three way calling capabilities.

In a statement, Carl Harvell, director of product marketing at AVer, said remote work collaboration technology has become essential to business.

“Fully integrating our products with Zoom allows us to provide all users a seamless AV experience that promotes collaboration and improves productivity,” he said.

Zoom’s certification of the FONE540 comes just a few months after the company also certified AVer’s VB130 video bar and CAM130 4K camera.

The Cam130 4K and CAM520 Pro2 were also certified for Microsoft Teams in August.

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