AVL Systems Design Deploys Massive MAXHUB Display Wall at Oklahoma State University Alumni Center

Published: March 15, 2024
Courtesy / MAXHUB

Located in the heart of Oklahoma, the OSU Alumni Center represents the most significant project ever undertaken by the OSU Alumni Association. The Alumni Center is the culmination of years of growth and planning, and its design supports all types of activities from small gatherings to major corporate events. Recently, Edmond, Okla.-based AVL Systems Design LLC deployed massive dual 60-foot displays in the entry area of the facility, creating a space that is awe inspiring — all utilizing technology from MAXHUB.

AVL Systems Design, LLC is a design/build AV integration firm that specializes in audio, video and lighting projects that empower clients to receive solutions that align with their technological requirements. Marc Pierce, president of AVL Systems Design, says, “At the OSU Alumni Center, AVL’s innovations play a pivotal role in enhancing the visitor experience, particularly for new students and campus guests. The grandeur of the 60-foot walls serves as a captivating canvas, enveloping patrons in the essence of the institution and instilling a profound sense of awe upon entry. Through meticulously crafted AV installations, we elevate the facility’s ambiance, creating an immersive environment conducive to learning, exploration and engagement.”

The MAXHUB Solution

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Alumni Center MAXHUB Display Wall 3

Courtesy / MAXHUB

The OSU Alumni Center project was installed and initially placed into service in January of 2024. The display system deployed by AVL Systems Design utilizes a combination of two 60-foot-by-10-foot MAXHUB CM27 Series displays, dual 60-foot-by-3-foot CM27 Series displays, six MAXHUB V6 View Pro Series panels, four CMA Series panels, plus one Raptor Series display panel.

“Our solution for this project involves a comprehensive array of features and functionalities tailored to enrich the visitor experience. From curated historical narratives to real-time updates on campus events, and live feeds from sporting events, the AV system serves as a dynamic conduit for information dissemination and engagement,” says Pierce.

He continues, “This includes a diverse range of multimedia content such as movies, video clips and immersive 360-degree panoramic footage from sporting events and daily campus activities. Additionally, our solution seamlessly integrates local computer feeds, wireless video and audio transmissions, and accommodates a myriad of other audio and video requirements, ensuring unparalleled versatility and adaptability to meet the evolving requirements of the Alumni Center’s patrons.”

Reflecting on the various attributes that made the MAXHUB equipment such a compelling choice for the OSU Alumni Center project, Pierce adds, “The MAXHUB products not only deliver stunning visual imagery, they also offer unparalleled flexibility and cost-effective solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology with versatile design, MAXHUB products empower users to achieve their goals efficiently while maximizing value. Whether it’s enhancing presentations, facilitating collaboration, or streamlining operations, MAXHUB products set the standard for innovation and affordability.”

Praise for MAXHUB’s User-friendly Design & Exemplary Support Services

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Alumni Center MAXHUB Display Wall 2

Courtesy / MAXHUB

Pierce also comments on the intuitive design and capabilities of the combination of MAXHUB OS and Android OS software that facilitates design and operation of the equipment, “The MAXHUB equipment proved remarkably user-friendly, requiring minimal setup and configuration straight out of the box. With intuitive interfaces and streamlined operation, our team found it easy to navigate and utilize the full capabilities of the equipment. Moreover, the robust design of MAXHUB equipment ensures ease of maintenance, minimizing downtime while optimizing system reliability.”

With a project of this scope and complexity, capable and responsive support services are crucial to keep a project on schedule. “In my experience, MAXHUB has demonstrated exemplary commitment to customer satisfaction through their responsive and capable technical support services. Whenever we encountered questions or needed assistance, MAXHUB’s support team proved readily available and adept at addressing our questions promptly and effectively. Their proactive approach to resolving issues and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure smooth operations have been instrumental in fostering a positive and productive partnership,” says Pierce.

Regarding the experience of AVL Systems Design with MAXHUB, Pierce says, “MAXHUB offers the best products and services for the money. With responsive support and product pricing that consistently blows me away, they’re hard to beat. With MAXHUB, we have confidence in the reliability and quality of both their products and their support services — making them a trusted ally in our pursuit of delivering exceptional AV solutions to our clients.”

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