BenQ’s New Collaborative 4K Interactive Flat Panels Won’t Spread Germs

Published: July 17, 2017
BenQ's RP704K is among the manufacturer's additions to its interactive flat panel line emphasizing health features including anti-glare glass to minimize light reflections and improve readability.

Health benefits are generally not what most people look for when buying an interactive flat panel display, but maybe they should. After all, today’s meetings often involve multiple people interacting on a touchscreen display. That’s after several other hands touched that display in a previous meeting. [related]So maybe BenQ America Corp. is on to something in touting the health benefits of its new collaborative 4K interactive flat panels which boast a bacteria-resistant, nano-silver coating to reduce the spread of germs.

Of course, that’s not all BenQ has to say about its RP654K, RP704K and RP750K interactive flat panels. “Not all interactive displays are created equal,” says Lars Yoder, president at BenQ America Corp., in a press release.

“Today’s evolving presentation and collaboration needs demand visual tools that make participation simple and effective. Utilizing our own unique styling and web-based tools, BenQ IFPs make teaching and collaboration fun and productive right out of the box.”

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The innovative BenQ touch-enabled 4K displays are perfect for any business or learning environment. Designed to support engagement with a truly interactive solution, the 65” RP654K, 70” RP704K and 75” RP750K IFPs feature exceptional 4K resolution, long-lasting brightness for maximum visibility anywhere in the room, convenient pen tray and 20-point touch capabilities with fast, smooth response that allows multiple users to participate. Like operating a tablet or smartphone, users can use the screen’s pen or touch gestures to zoom, click and rotate objects, with infrared technology enabling maximum accuracy and easy interaction with any content. Enhanced touch-screen capabilities like handwriting recognition and onboard speakers, which deliver an impressive 32 watts of sound, make the smallest idea come to life and be easily heard.

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The BenQ IFPs also boast new cutting-edge technologies that provide a healthier experience for participants. For instance, the screen’s tempered glass is covered with a bacteria-resistant, nano-silver coating to help reduce the spread of germs. The display is also enhanced with BenQ’s exclusive Eye-Care features, including anti-glare glass to minimize light reflections and improve readability, as well as Low Blue Light and ZeroFlicker™ backlight technologies to help reduce eye fatigue during long hours of viewing. All BenQ IFPs sport a rounded-edge design that increases ergonomic comfort.

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BenQ RP654K

Available with DisplayNote, a cross-platform solution that facilitates real-time collaboration across multiple computing and smart devices, the RP Series 4K touch-enabled displays permit participants to stream content and collaborate. The BenQ InstaQShare app provides seamless wireless streaming and mirroring of all digital content from devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops, empowering contributors to enrich their sessions with a variety of multimedia resources.

The IFPs also come equipped with a built-in Android™ operating system that’s packed with a suite of apps and games, such as a WPS Office document reader, built-in web browser and an EZWrite instant digital blackboard annotation tool and media player app. Moreover, its touch-enabled OSD menu is extremely user-friendly. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome, each IFP is built to work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices.

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BenQ RP750K

In classrooms and meeting rooms, the IFPs’ Near Field Communication (NFC) pen makes setting up different colors and sizes of text simple and quick. The “BenQ Suggest” function recommends useful apps and simplifies downloads, ensuring a hassle-free and high-tech collaboration experience.

For administrators, the BenQ Multiple Display Administrator software adds remote monitoring and control of all displays, in addition to administering instant equipment performance and providing status alerts for IT staff, eliminating the burden on resources and time when displays are deployed across a network.

The BenQ RP654K, RP704K and RP750K 4K IFPs are now shipping.



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