BenQ SW271 Monitor Is 4K HDR-Enabled and Aimed at Photographers

Published: November 6, 2017
BenQ SW271, a 4K HDR-enabled 27-inch display. has BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology.

It’s not that the BenQ SW271 monitor is only targeted at photographers, but the 4K HDR-enabled 27-inch display has BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology and USB-C connectivity offering photographers a great option.


BenQ says the SW271 comes on the heels of its SW2700PT and sets a new standard for image quality. The SW271is HDR-enabled and allows users to see their images and videos in a wider dynamic range than a typical monitor.

According to a BenQ press release, the sleek display is user friendly and offers colors so true that it brings out the fine detail and creative essence of every photo, whether it’s been taken by a seasoned professional or an amateur hobbyist.

On its AQCOLOR technolog, BenQ says it allows users to have complete color control over images, using a combination of hardware calibration, BenQ’s signature Palette Master Elements software and Technicolor Color Certification, which ensures the monitor meets the strict color accuracy standards used in Hollywood and the entertainment media.

“We are proud to present the SW271, which joins our full line of professional monitors developed for photographers,” says Steve Yang, senior director, BenQ America Corp., in the press release.

“The SW271 brings users specialized tools and advanced hardware calibration for color-critical applications. It also has USB-C connectivity for transmitting video and data signals using just one cable for convenience.”

More from BenQ’s SW27 I press release:

With 99% Adobe RGB, 93% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB/Rec. 709 coverage, users are given an unrivaled image performance for visual perfection in professional photo editing.

The SW271 also features Delta E≦2, with its true 10-bit IPS panel and advanced 14-bit 3D lookup table (LUT). GamutDuo enables users to view content simultaneously in different color spaces side-by-side, and a Hotkey Puck allows users to effortlessly switch between a variety of modes, such as Adobe RGB, sRGB and Black & White modes.

The monitor also features an SD card reader, USB 3.1, USB Type-C, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort 1.4 ports. A detachable shading hood is also included to reduce the monitor’s screen glare.

The BenQ SW271 monitor retails at $1,099.

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