BrightSign Cozies Up to Content Management Systems Providers

Published: 2017-03-28

If content is king, as they say in digital signage, BrightSign is certainly taking steps to make sure that its customers have easy access to content management systems when leveraging its media players.

During Digital Signage Expo 2017, BrightSign announces that its media players are compatible with three leading CMS providers – ComQi, Four Winds Interactive and Signagelive.

[related]All three have integrated their platforms with BrightSign’s Series 3 family of media players and validated them as compatible with their respective CMS platforms. BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings calls it part of “our continued strategy to partner with more and more content management systems.”

All three CMS providers specialize in content management systsems, allowing BrightSign to focus on what it does best, he adds.

“Our whole thing is to be the hardware provider to everyone so, basically, all these CMS [proviers] can run on great, reliable hardware without having to worry about whether it’s a new Windows update or whether it’s someone trying to do a little Android stuff or some other software system.

“We provide a really reliable, stable API for them to use so that as our hardware changes they don’t have to change their software. It means a lot to them because supporting players becomes a large part of the content management system.”

In a BrightSign press release, the company offers more information on why it chose each CMS provider.

Why BrightSign Chose ComQi

ComQi is a global leader providing a cloud-based Shopper Engagement Technology that influences consumers at the point of decision, in-venue, using all digital touch-points: digital signage, mobile, video, touch, web and social networks. BrightSign’s XT1143 has been qualified for use with ComQi’s CMS. ComQi CTO Max Stevens-Guille commented, “We're pleased to be working with BrightSign. Their XT line of players will provide our customers with a cost-effective solution to integrate cable TV with digital signage content.”

Why BrightSign Chose Four Winds Interactive

Four Winds Interactive is an industry-leader of enterprise Visual Communications software. The company makes it easy to deploy content to any screen, through one powerful integrated software platform that allows customers to deploy preconfigured applications or build applications of their own. BrightSign’s new Series 3 XD and XT digital signage media players have been tested and are fully compatible with FWI’s full portfolio of Visual Communications solutions. The companies’ successful integration actually began much earlier to support an impressive installation at the T-Mobile Arena, a venue on the DSE Tech Tour this Tuesday in Las Vegas.

“We were impressed with the BrightSign platform capabilities, including their overall vision and product roadmap,” said Francois Hechme, Senior Director of Product Management at FWI. “Our partnership with BrightSign will allow us to offer high quality media players to meet a customer’s desired application and budget. We worked closely with the BrightSign team to fully integrate FWI’s Content Player for Web software with the BrightSign platform to take advantage of all of its capabilities. We have plans to continue to work together to enhance our product offering and are excited to discuss these options at our DSE booth #913.”

Why BrightSign Chose Signagelive

Signagelive is a major cloud-based digital signage CMS platform, used by over 1700 networks in 43 countries. Its cloud-based servers support over 3.4 million connections daily. Customers using Signagelive on BrightSign players will enjoy full access to the recently announced Signagelive Marketplace, containing over 500 free backgrounds, editable templates and widgets. Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive, said, “The initiative to integrate BrightSign players is in response to market demand. We are impressed with the quality, features and performance of the Series 3 players. In our integration, we have ensured that those features and that performance is fully accessible to Signagelive users. We are particularly excited about B-Deploy, a powerful setup and provisioning feature that allows customers to setup and deploy a multitude of players all at once.”


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