Bringing 4 House of Worship Campuses Together

Published: July 7, 2014

Flexibility is often the key to a successful AV integration.

It’s a lesson the team at Technical Innovation has learned many times over the years, especially during their dealings with 12Stone Church since they became the church’s exclusive technology provider in 2007.

So it wasn’t a major surprise when 12Stone Church officials told TI Broadcast Solutions Group president Michael Wright and his Blue Hat Design division of TI they wanted to connect all four campuses and 30,000 weekly attendees at more than 20 worship services every weekend within 60 days.

The decision coincided with the opening of its Sugarloaf campus and a teaching series on senior pastor Kevin Myers’ first book, “Home Run.” The new setup eliminates the previous one-week delay on teachings for 12Stone’s remote campuses around the Atlanta area.

3 Integrator Takeaways:
1. Expect the unexpected. Even when you work with the designer and client from the start of the project, plans can change.
2. Never over-promise. If you can’t do something the client is asking, tell them.
3. Embrace a challenge. Look for a creative solution to a client’s request whenever possible, even if it could cost them a bit more.

3 End User Takeaways:
1. Stick with someone you trust. When you work with the same integrator on multiple projects, you know they can handle whatever you throw at them.
2. Spread the word. When you find an integrator you can trust, tell your friends about them.
3. Embrace technology at all levels.

Equipment Highlights:
Audio: Yamaha
Distribution: Fujitsu
Lighting: Litepanels
Projection: Christie Digital

“It was a massive operational challenge, but we’re used to being thrown challenges like that with several of our clients,” says Wright. “If you’ve got a good team of sharp people, you can handle when the client makes changes. If you’re given enough time and money, you can do most anything.”

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As with most 12Stone projects, a lot of thought went into this idea, says Wright, noting Myers was committed to HD-SDI on all of its campuses and also wanted the flexibility of deciding which campus he would use for his live teaching week to week, or even day to day.

Church officials wanted a flexible hub-and-spoke system that was common, no matter which location Myers used.

“They don’t fly by the seat of their pants,” says Wright. “The best part is they bring us in along with the designer so everyone knows what’s going on from pretty much the beginning of every project.”

TI and its divisions use what they call Jet Stream Total Project Management, a four-step process that includes developing the project charter, determining functional requirements, creating the conceptual design, and developing a detail design and budget. That approach has served them well over the years and keeps everyone moving toward the same goals.

Because 12Stone’s media operation is largely run by volunteers, TI had to make the distribution and time-slip systems as easy to use and understand as possible. That meant spending an extra six weeks or so after the job was completed working with those who’d be running the system helping them better understand it.

Both of the “live teaching campuses” are fully equipped for HD video production. They each house broadcast-quality video production control rooms with traditional tools, separate audio-for-video control rooms, edit suites and, of course, worship spaces fully outfitted with professional sound systems, theatrical lighting and multiple points for camera connectivity in the main worship center.

Church officials now own five Grass Valley LDK and four LDX cameras in full studio configurations, two Karrera dual ME switchers and six GV K2 servers, with Fuji- non glass and Vinten pedestals for camera support.

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