BZBGEAR on AV-over-IP Trends, Exciting Product Developments

Published: 2024-03-04

This exclusive interview from Commercial Integrator with Eilbron Khoshabeh, VP of sales, BZBGEAR, highlights the latest developments in AV-over-IP. In particular, Dan Ferrisi, group editor, commercial and security, Emerald, talks with Khoshabeh about BZBGEAR’s leadership in the space. Together, they highlight two product families from BZBGEAR: VOP Series and IP Gear. They also analyze broader trends in the AV-over-IP category, including its rise as a means of AV signal transport.

This conversation is, of course, part of Commercial Integrator’s AV-over-IP Deep Dive, which will be all over the site throughout the month. The Deep Dive report is the central repository for all things AV-over-IP, including analysis of emerging technologies and standards, vertical-market use cases and ongoing challenges.

To watch the full conversation on AV-over-IP with BZBGEAR executive Eilbron Khoshabeh, check out the embedded video:

During their nearly 10-minute chat, Ferrisi and Khoshabeh hit on all the following topics:

  • How AV-over-IP makes it easier to scale and add multiple sources
  • All the features, benefits and advantages of AV-over-IP as a means of signal transport
  • Details about BZBGEAR’s VOP Series and IP Gear offerings
  • BZBGEAR’s broad engagement with standards/approaches like SDVoE, NDI, Dante and more

Please keep your eyes on in the days ahead as more AV-over-IP Deep Dive content drops!

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