CEI Launches Epidaur Digital with Digital Display Line

Published: 2022-07-01

Oneonta, N.Y.-based Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI) announced the launch of Epidaur Digital, a new project solutions company that also manufactures flexible, durable LED display systems. Designed and developed by CEI, Epidaur Digital is an American corporation that builds next-generation permanent and temporary immersive digital experiences ideal for retail, hospitality, themed entertainment and commercial projects.

Epidaur Digital launched with the release of its first digital display product line, the FX Series Modular LED Solution.

Epidaur Digital launched the solution with a focus on adaptability and crafting a unique solution for the industry. It thus lends itself to eye-catching displays that allow for the quick and easy creation of videowalls of any size, shape or configuration. The flexible design also allows the panels to follow any combination of flat or curved surfaces. This makes them ideal for unique creative installations, architectural elements and marketing activations. It is also impact-resilient as well as weather and water resistant. The FX Series Modular LED Solution gives creatives the ability to truly think outside the 16/9 box, says the company.

Additional Capabilities

“Epidaur Digital is a great addition to the CEI family and has already become a crucial player to so many professionals in the LED display systems market,” remarks Carol Brower, vice president of operations, CEI. “Leveraging CEI’s background in aerospace and mission-critical R&D, the depth of Epidaur Digital’s engineering is a main differentiator and asset for the company. The Epidaur Digital team follows the same consistency and reliability that CEI was built on, and we look forward to seeing our digital displays in use.”

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The FX Series Modular LED Solution features a magnetic mounting system for easy installation and 6,000 nits of dimmable light. With its 1-foot by 1-foot module, Epidaur Digital’s newest solution is lightweight and high-bright. It is also assembled in the United States.

“The backbone of Epidaur Digital is CEI’s electronic manufacturing expertise; its engineering and production abilities are at the aerospace level,” states Jonathan Glanz, president, Epidaur Digital. “We are all about working with designers and architects to execute their visions. From ideation through design development, fabrication, integration and on-going managed services.”

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