Celebrating Cory Schaeffer: A Cross-Competitor Podcast

Published: June 15, 2022

It’s not often that ostensible competitors like Tim Albright of AVNation, Megan A. Dutta of rAVe [PUBS] and Dan Ferrisi of Commercial Integrator come together to collaborate. But, then again, it’s not often that a luminary like Cory Schaeffer retires from the AV industry that she has called home for decades.

In recognition of Cory’s incredible career — as well as her commitment to unity and collaboration — all three of our brands joined forces to produce a series of editorial offerings to celebrate one of the most consequential figures in the last several decades of commercial AV.

Here, we present a very special podcast, hosted by Tim Albright — and with Megan A. Dutta and Dan Ferrisi as co-hosts — interviewing Cory Schaeffer and learning more about her decision to retire, as well as the highlights of her career.

Later this month, we’ll present a feature-length career retrospective, offering insights and wisdom from the woman herself. And, earlier today on, as well as on the AVNation and rAVe [PUBS] websites, we presented a video package of tributes from peers and colleagues.

We hope you enjoy this celebration of Cory Schaeffer and all she has contributed to our industry family.

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