Cell Signal Boosters Makers Comment on FCC Extension

Published: 2014-02-17

A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling early in 2013 set technical requirements for consumer and cell signal boosters, setting manufacturers on a course to make sure their products meet the new standards by March 1, 2014 if their products are sold in the U.S. That deadline has pushed.

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has extended the consumer signal booster sale deadline until April 30, 2014, a 60-day extension, due to unexpected
complexities in the rules, coupled with delays, in part, due to the government shutdown, in the finalization of comprehensive test procedures.

From the WTB:

“We find that a short extension of 60 days, until April 30, 2014, is warranted to allow for adequate review and testing of these devices and to allow others to complete testing of their devices and apply for certification.”

“The Commission staff is committed to working expeditiously with TCBs to review and process these applications and the Bureau expects that some manufacturers will have compliant products in the market well in advance of that date.”

Since the WTB announcement, several cell signal booster makers have issued statements on the extension:

The delay is a “good outcome” for manufacturers and for the cell signal booster industry, according to Robert Van Buskirk, president and CEO of Wilson Electronics.

“We will continue to work to actively obtain our remaining required certifications and to provide to our customers FCC complaint product solutions as soon as practical.”

Also expressing that the extension is good news is Cellphone-Mate, makers of SureCall.

“This was a just and reasonable decision,” said Hongtao Zhan, Cellphone-Mate’s CEO. 

“As we pointed out in our comments supporting the extension request, since the delay was due to unforeseen delays in the government’s ability to meet its own deadline, it would not be fair to penalize both the manufacturers and consumers by holding fast to a date determined a year ago.”

Werner Sievers, CEO of Nextivity, says the government deserves credit for recognizing the need for the extension.

“Backlog in the testing and authorization of consumer boosters by the FCC ahead of its March 1 deadline would have disrupted the supply of boosters in the market. By extending the compliance deadline, the FCC deserves credit for recognizing the importance of product continuity, particularly for consumers and enterprises that in many cases are solely reliant on boosters for reliable indoor mobile communications.

“Nextivity worked closely with the FCC and it’s carrier partners in the formulation of the new regulation, specifically with reference to the creation of a completely new category of high gain, provider-specific, smart signal boosters which deliver gains of 100dB (1,000 times the industry average).”

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