CI Exclusive: Richard Ventura Explains Sony Professional Display Solutions Rebranding

Published: 2022-11-17

Earlier this month, Sony’s B2B group in the U.S. and Canada announced a rebranding, taking on a new name: Sony Professional Display Solutions. According to the company, the new moniker is meant to better reflect the solutions the company provides to vertical markets and applications, rather than focusing on the business’ route to market. This is particularly important, from Sony’s perspective, because the company delivers more than simply a product. In fact, Sony offers an end-to-end display ecosystem, inclusive of displays, projectors, audio, PTZ cameras, DVLED technologies and presentation devices. With the rebranding and new name, Sony Professional Display Solutions is leaning into its newly redefined approach, emphasizing its breadth and scope of offerings.

To get more detail about Sony’s new approach, Commercial Integrator chats with Richard Ventura, vice president of Professional Display Solutions. Ventura offers insight into the process by which the new moniker was born. “Everything we’re doing is around solutions,” he states, reemphasizing the constellation of display offerings that Sony brings to market. “We really need to show our commitment to the market, our commitment to the industry, our commitment to our channels, our commitment to everybody out there that we are focused on this space.” The best way to do that, Ventura believes, is to make sure channel partners really understand Sony Professional Display Solutions’ strategy and direction. “Everything is around one simple thing,” he declares, “display solutions.”

Steadily Building Toward Sony Professional Display Solutions

Ventura emphasizes that everything his organization and he have achieved over the last two-and-a-half years has been steadily building to this rebranding. “It’s everything we’ve done,” he asserts. “Whether it’s the Sony Alliance Partner network, our focus on panel discussions, our focus on people and partners, our focus on our different technologies, our edge analytics, our Tech Tuesdays — all of that built toward what we’ve done.” And that’s important to Ventura. After all, he doesn’t want the industry to perceive this as “just a name change.” Rather, Ventura wants it to be recognized as a genuine organizational realignment. As he puts it, “Every time you engage with us, this message is pretty strong, and we’ve heavily aligned with this.”

“This is that next step,” Ventura concludes. “It shows [the market] that we’re continuing the evolution, and we’re not going back to the old way of what we did at Sony.”

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