CI Fantasy Football League: Week 2 Results and In-Depth Analysis

EXCLUSIVE: CI Fantasy Football League week 2 results and standings. We’re pretty sure none of the other AV industry publications have posted about this. You’re welcome!

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CI Fantasy Football League: Week 2 Results and In-Depth Analysis

In this age of 24/7 news cycles and sensational cable news, journalists are often tempted to use words like “exclusive” or “breaking news” in order to stand out. However, it’s important to limit those powerful labels to the most consequential reporting. A great example is found here, our coverage of CI Fantasy Football League week 2 results and updated standings.

The general public needs to know, for instance, that teams lead by both CI publisher Ray Lyons and CI associate publisher Chelsea Cafiero suffered devastating losses and fell to 0-2. People want to analyze the juxtaposition of their colleagues editor-at-large Craig MacCormack,  associate publisher Shawn Tobin and myself each earning impressive victories to improve to 2-0.

Given the general thirst for this information, let’s get right to it …

Standings of CI Fantasy Football League after Week 2:

CI Fantasy Football: Group 1 (Commissioner Ray Lyons)
Diversified 2-0
DigiDaybook 2-0
Canon Projectors 2-0
Speco Technologies 2-0
Savi Controls 1-1
Z-Wave 1-1
Vanco 1-1
Waveguide 1-1
My Team’s Better (CI) 0-2
Digital Projection 0-2
Brand Definition 0-2
T1V 0-2

Week 2 Spin: After two weeks we are down to four unbeaten teams in League 1, but unfortunately I fall into the group of four win-less teams. Big week for Vanco (155 ptss) and Savi Controls (148 ptss). Speco Technologies won the pillow fight game of the week with a whopping 99.7 points. Rounding out week 2 winners, DigiDaybook (139 pts.), Canon Projectors (137 pts.) and Diversified (123 pts.).

CI Fantasy Football: Group 2 (Commissioner Shawn Tobin)
Banner Clique (CI) 2-0
La Grange Park Perfect Pixels (NEC) 2-0
WC BigTime (D-Tools) 2-0
Team Mercil (SureCall) 2-0
TecNec Titans (TecNec) 1-1
HDBaseT-Pain (AVI Systems) 1-1
Tampa Steelers (AVI-SPL) 1-1
Run Like a Gurley (Premier Mounts) 1-1
Team Shelby (Viewsonic) 0-2
Team Stang (Windy City Wire) 0-2
Team Wicka (LG) 0-2
Magic Skol Bus (Klipsch) 0-2

Week 2 Spin: Week 2 saw six teams break the 100-point plateau, with the Tampa Steelers running away with Top Scorer of the Week honors behind a 135.5 point effort. In the most competitive game all week, the La Grange Park Perfect Pixels squeaked out a 109-103 victory over the TecNec Titans. This league is shaping up to be a very competitive one from top to bottom, as even the 0-2 teams are putting up high scores!

CI Fantasy Football: Group 3 (Commissioner Craig MacCormack)
Rolls Royce (Jim Caldwell) 2-0
Team Guhl (Jennifer Guhl-ANC) 2-0
Mac Daddies (Craig MacCormack-CI) 2-0
The Lukes O Hazzard (Luke Jordan-EAVI) 1-1
Guns N Rosens (James Ballard-Orbis) 1-1
Team Sansivero (Gina Sansivero-FSR) 1-1
A Case of the Mondays (Matt Camps-NETECH Corporation) 1-1
Team Durham (Scott Durham-Yorktel) 0-2
Team Means (Jimmy Means) 0-2
Team Donnelly (Ryan Donnelly-Third Coast Tech) 0-2

Week 2 Spin: And then there were three. Rolls Royce, Team Guhl and Mac Daddies end week three as the only undefeated teams in the league, highlighted by Team Guhl’s 44-point blowout of Team Means. Teams Donnelly, Durham and Means are still looking for their first Ws.

CI Fantasy Football: Group 4 (Commissioner Tom LeBlanc)
Team LeBlanc (Commercial Integrator 2-0
Skol Vikings (AVI Systems) 2-0
Can You Diggs It (Human Circuit) 2-0
Team Luisi (Diversified) 2-0
Team Wells (CCS Presentation) 1-1
Team Pearson (CTG) 1-1
Philly Special (Ovation) 0-2
Team Ackerman ( Rock-It Audio Video) 0-2
Team Gasparo (Wyrestorm) 0-2
Ypsilanti Jesses (Midtown Video) 0-2

Week 2 Spin: Sure, it’s a competition, but league participants can’t help but take a moment to appreciate and admire Team LeBlanc’s impressive 2-0 start. “Commish,” as the league members lovingly call him, cruised by Team Wells with a 144.7 to 104.9 win. Meanwhile, Skol Vikings rode Stefon Diggs and Pat Mahomes to a 182-135.7 victory over Philly Special. League notes: Team Gasparo is off to an 0-2 start. Sad.

CI Fantasy Football: Group 5 (Commissioner Chelsea Cafiero)
Nebraska Taco Corp (Schaefers TV) 2-0
The Evil Empire (Rock Electric) 2-0
Bitter Donkey’s (InfoCor) 2-0
2 Gurleys One Cup (Database Works) 2-0
Team HiBoost (HiBoost) 1-1
Team Schutzer (Opt Online) 1-1
Smiling Mallards (InFocus Tech) 0-2
South Central Mud Dogs (Electrosonic) 0-2
Team Wynn (Thomas Communications) 0-2
Mr. McGibblets (CI) 0-2

Week 2 Spin: Week 2 did little to move the standings  as Nebraska Taco Corp, The Evil Empire, Bitter Donkeys and 2 Gurleys One Cup remain undefeated. Your Commissioner Mr. McGibblets had little chance against Nebraska Taco Corp but an 0-2 streak is a bitter way to start the season. Let’s hope for a couple upsets in Week 3.

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