Control Concepts Launches Utility Mode Store to Support AV Programmers

Published: November 23, 2020

In a continuing effort to expand the capabilities of traditional AV systems and support the greater community of control system programmers, Control Concepts recently announced the creation of a Utility Module Store.

This store “will facilitate the availability and distribution of Control Concepts utility modules,” according to the company announcement.

“Over the years, our software developers have created innovative tools to serve our clients, address the unique needs of projects, and offer advanced system capabilities,” said Control Concepts president and founder Steve Greenblatt in the announcement.

“When we encountered periods of downtime during the pandemic, we invested in creating an online store to showcase some of our work and offer some modules we developed for internal use to other programmers,” he said.

Inside the Utility Module Store

The Control Concepts Utility Module store offers a variety of solutions to address common needs that programmers may not have the opportunity to tackle on their own.

One such module is a WebSocket interface for Crestron control systems to facilitate an HTML5 web control solution for the pending end-of-life of Adobe Flash in web browsers.

“Control Concepts believes in being supportive in all aspects of business,” said Control Concepts CTO Jeff Mackie in the company announcement. “This goes for our relationship with our clients, as well as fellow control system programmers.

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“It’s important to us to share our knowledge, demonstrate what is possible, and elevate the value of custom AV system programming,” he said.

Control Concepts will continue to grow their library of downloads available in the Utility Module Store to address requests from the community and provide support for a variety of platforms.

Additionally, while it won’t be the case for everything, the majority of modules available on the Control Concepts Utility Module Store are available at no charge.

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