Control4 Announces New Hospitality OS Platform

Published: July 11, 2014

With telecomms and device manufacturers continuing to push the advantages of smart devices and personal audio players, the demand to utilize these products in the home or business environment grows.

The Skinny: The Utah-based technology company Control4 is helping consumers to play the music stored on their personal audio and smart devices in hotels through its newly announced Hospitality OS 2.5.3.

The Specs: The newly updated operating system adds support for the company’s Music Bridge product to allow hotel guests to stream music from their phones, tablets and other portable devices.

“Today’s smartphone savvy travelers are becoming increasingly accustomed to using their digital devices to enhance their travel experience from checking in at the airport, to renting a car or hailing a taxi. They expect the same level of experience when they arrive at the hotel,” says Jim Arnold, senior vice president of sales, Control4.

“Hoteliers are increasingly finding that control4 is the perfect automation solution for enhancing the customer experience and increasing brand loyalty,” Arnold continues. “With this latest update to the Control4 hospitality solution, the bond between the guest, their mobile device, and the room itself grows even stronger.”

In addition to allowing guests to stream their personal music libraries, the new OS also allows users to stream services such as Pandora, Spotify and Rdio. Ensuring guest privacy and security, the system creates unique access codes that are valid only through their stay.

Solutions: The Control4 Hospitality OS 2.5.3 is a solution engineered for the hospitality industry.

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