Crank Out Proposals with Jetbuilt iPad App

Published: August 30, 2016

Just in time for CEDIA Expo 2016, proposal and estimation software provider Jetbuilt is launching an iPad app and it will available at no additional cost for Jetbuilt users.

The portable proposal app is designed to help integrators build a project alongside their clients, according to Jetbuilt’s press release.

It adds that the app has minimal fields to allow for quicker generation; once projects are created it’s easy to assign rooms and systems from a roster of user defaults or custom fields; dragging and dropping is easy; cost, shipping and labor are attached to items and calculated creating more accurate total costs for customers.


More from the press release:

Once a project is created to the client’s liking, they can sign to buy, allowing them to buy the project on the spot or the user can email the proposal to the client. Meanwhile, each project created with Jetbuilt’s iPad app is instantly available those back at the office, allowing them to contribute to projects in real-time.

“We know our users are increasingly relying on their iPads for their day-to-day business,” said Paul Dexter, founder and chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “We wanted to ensure that we can deliver a fast client consultation solution which pairs with the power of Jetbuilt in the office. We think our users are truly going to like the latest tool we have to offer and we invite those that are unfamiliar with our software to give it a try.”

Additionally, Jetbuilt users can take photos of the project and upload them in real-time, where they will be placed into Jetbuilt’s ‘Asset’ portal. Users can simply use the iPad app on a consultation to take project photos and populate various items discussed and finish the proposal later through the web software. While Jetbuilt is built for projects of all sizes, the iPad app was designed for small to medium residential projects and small commercial projects, such as restaurants and retails.

Jetbuilt Introduction from Jetbuilt on Vimeo.

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