Crestron DigitalMedia NVX Series Is ‘Industry’s Only’ 4K60 4:4:4 HDR 1Gb Network Solution  

Published: April 7, 2017
Crestron says its DigitalMedia NVX Series provides an infinitely scalable network AV solution, from a simple point-to-point setup, to thousands of endpoints, and requires only DM NVX Series Encoders/Decoders.

If you like transmitting 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet  with no latency, you’ll love Crestron DigitalMedia NVX Series. That’s according to Crestron, of course.

Calling it the “industry’s only” and an “industry first,” Crestron is now shipping its DigitalMedia NVX Series, which it says provides an infinitely scalable network AV solution, from a simple point-to-point setup, to thousands of endpoints, and requires only DM NVX Series Encoders/Decoders.

“DM NVX Series takes network AV to the next level, on the platform industry pros know and trust” says Steve Samson, executive director, business development, Crestron, in a press release.

“And, thanks to Crestron’s uncompromising approach to network security, only with DM NVX Series are you, your client and the video content on their network secure.”

More Details on Crestron’s DigitalMedia NVX Series:

  • Comprised of DM NVX Encoder/Decoder Boxes ( DM-NVX-350DM-NVX-351), DM NVXEncoder/Decoder Cards (DM-NVX-350CDM-NVX-351C), and the DM NVX Card Chassis (DMF-CI8)
  • DM NVXEncoders/Decoders feature built-in USB 2.0 routing, DSP and breakaway audio
  • HDCP 2.2 support, auto-switching, all-in-one encoding/decoding
  • Supports Ethernet natively, as well as fiber with optional SPF modules

More from Crestron on DigitalMedia NVX Series’ Security

DM NVX Series leverages the most advanced network security technologies. 802.1X authentication ensures that every DM NVX device is explicitly authorized, Active Directory® credential management ensures that only authorized administrators gain access, and Secure CIP protocol ensures secure connections between DM NVX and Crestron control systems. Crestron stands alone in its commitment to network security, and the DM NVX Series sets the standard.

More from Crestron on DigitalMedia NVX Series’ Infinitely Scalability

DM NVX Series is an infinitely scalable software-defined matrix that provides the ability to share 4K60 4:4:4 HDR content securely anywhere over a dedicated 1Gb copper or fiber network, with no latency or limits. Other network AV products that rely on 10 Gigabit Ethernet don’t scale beyond a single switch. By contrast, Crestron DM NVX Series leverages standard enterprise-grade 1Gb network infrastructure, which is 10 times more scalable at a fraction of the cost.

More from Crestron on DigitalMedia NVX Series’ No latency

Typical network AV systems encode/decode and then scale sequentially, which results in additional latency. Crestron’s patent pending technology simultaneously encodes/decodes and scales, eliminating any latency incurred in transmitting video over the network.

More from Crestron on DigitalMedia NVX Series Ease of Use

Intelligent software residing in the DM NVX Series Encoder/Decoder boxes and cards makes it simple to configure, deploy, and manage entire systems from the web. Integrators simply choose sources and displays, and easily adjust settings to meet the needs of the application and infrastructure.

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