Don’t Freak Out: Skype as an Affordable Collaboration Solution

Published: 2015-03-25

Some integrators might think it a cardinal sin to use Skype or Microsoft Lync as part of a customized videoconferencing solution.

As more companies are moving toward open office spaces, however, they’re often looking for cost-effective huddle room collaboration solutions.

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Integrators need to be ready with budget-friendly solutions that help customers maximize their return on investment in open office environments.

AMX offers a CI Partner Series download that walks through affordable but effective solutions for huddle rooms, including:

  • Content collaboration
  • Content sharing or presentation
  • Video conferencing
  • Control
  • Automation

Skype or no Skype, the reality is that many companies don’t want to purchase an expensive system for every huddle space, especially when there are a number of huddle spaces throughout the building.

And the good news is that integrators now have the tools to deliver effective huddle room technology on a reasonable budget.

Download “5 Steps to Cheaper, Simpler Huddle Spaces” now.

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