3 Reasons Why Draper’s FlexShade Recharge Won a BEST Award

Published: August 2, 2017

Our yearly conglomeration of the most outstanding products and services impacting the commercial integration industry recently shed light on 40 top products, and the Draper FlexShade Recharge made the cut in the Motorized Window Treatments category for multiple reasons.

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FlexShade Recharge shades are quiet, battery-operated shades with rechargeable batteries that are designed situations where a motorized option is desired but wiring would be cost prohibitive or just not possible. The shades can be installed in larger window openings—up to 12 feet high and 12 feet wide. The FlexShade® Recharge can be recharged from a 110V outlet or an optional solar panel, and each charge lasts months.

More from Draper on the FlexShade Recharge motorized window treatment:

FlexShade Recharge shades are quiet, battery operated shades with rechargeable batteries that last longer and are more powerful than other systems. FlexShade Recharge shades are the answer when a motorized option is desired but wiring would be cost prohibitive or just not possible. And with larger sizes more opportunities are available. Shades are factory programmed based upon your instructions.  All motors are shipped asleep, you will need to wake the motor by lightly pressing the button on the head of the motor, motor will jog and beep once.

A neutral panel of experts, including three experienced integrators, chose the FlexShade Recharge from others in its category for the following reasons:

  • Lower cost entry point for adding motorization, providing an additional profit center.
  • Installs like a manual window shade.
  • The FlexShade Recharge app can be used to control or program the shades. Since the motor has bi-directional communication, the app knows when it’s time to charge the battery.


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Learn more about Draper and other motorized window treatments on the company’s website.

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