DTEN Releases Zoom Rooms Controller, Scheduler

Published: March 2, 2022
DTEN Mate is the wireless, touchscreen tablet designed to control any Zoom Rooms hardware.

Video device manufacturer DTEN has released DTEN Mate, a new controller for Zoom Rooms designed to work with any existing room hardware.

According to the San Jose, Calif.-based DTEN, users can start a meeting, share a screen and control the camera and more via the wireless device’s 10.1-inch LED display with high capacitive touchscreen.

The company says DTEN Mate includes enables interactive annotating and whiteboarding, enabling users to present from anywhere in the room. DTEN Mate provides more immersive control when paired with select DTEN Zoom Rooms devices.

DTEN Mate was given an ergonomic design to enable users to hold the device and interact with the screen simultaneously, and automatic flip technology adapts to left- or right-handed users on the fly, the company says.

The device is easy to set up and features one-tap to start, DTEN says.

The handheld display can also be used as a Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display to reserve spaces, check room availability and streamline bookings.

The device is $598 and includes a charging dock, which can also be used as a wall mount when DTEN Mate is used as a room scheduler.

“When running a video conference, you often can’t fully participate; meeting logistics require your attention,” says Rick Corteville, chief marketing officer at DTEN, in a statement. “DTEN Mate places all the meeting controls at your fingertips, restoring your in-meeting experience and allowing complete focus on your collaborations.”

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