DVIGear Launches 4K MultiViewer Switcher/Scaler

Published: April 1, 2016

DVIGear is expanding its line of switching and scaling products with the new DVI-3580a 4K multi-viewer switcher/scaler.

With what the company calls “versatile video capabilities and advanced audio routing,” the DVI-3580a “is engineered to be a comprehensive solution in conference rooms, training facilities, classrooms, auditoriums and other presentation applications,” according to a press release announcing the product.

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The DVI-3580a overcomes issues related to increasing demand for high-resolution display technology “through a rich array of input and output connections that support all popular AV input signal formats, as well as providing multiple outputs with user-selectable resolutions,” according to the announcement.

Here’s more on the DVIGear DVI-3580a 4K multi-viewer switcher/scaler.

System designers and facility managers face increasing demands in the rapidly evolving world of high-resolution display technology.  Presented with a wide variety of devices, signal formats and resolutions, the challenges of AV signal distribution are enormous.

The DVI-3580a accepts up to seven (7) video inputs:  4x HDMI (or DVI), 2x DisplayPort and 1x RGB/YPbPr Analog (VGA). The unit supports a broad range of input signal formats and resolutions up to 4K /60p.

A powerful internal scaling engine provides a range of user-selectable output resolutions up to 3840×2160 /30p.  The selected input signal is routed to two mirrored outputs, 1x HDMI and 1x HDBaseT.  The HDBaseT output is POH (Power over HDBaseT) compliant, so a compatible receiver unit (model DVI-7520-RX – sold separately) may be remotely powered from the DVI-3580a unit over the HDBaseT link.

This MultiViewer can simultaneously display up to 4x video signals with resolutions up to 4K, which are displayed in four possible layouts: single, double, triple or quadruple.  Any input signal can be displayed in any MultiViewer window.

Advanced Features, Total Control
In addition to this device’s video capabilities, the DVI-3580a also includes audio embedding as well as de-embedded audio outputs.  Each video input is coupled with an analog stereo audio input connection.

The unit includes three audio outputs: HDMI / HDBaseT embedded audio, 8-channel (7.1) analog audio, and TOSLINK optical audio.  User-adjustable lip-sync correction is provided.  This unit may be controlled via a variety of options, including LAN (built-in Web GUI or Telnet), RS-232, IR Remote Control, and Front Panel selections.

The DVI-3580a includes powerful EDID Management capabilities that allow each connected source device to be presented with a unique EDID from a variety of possible files, including: one of 6 factory installed EDID values, the EDID from the connected HDMI or HDBaseT display, or one of 7 custom EDID values that can be stored in the unit’s memory.

EDID values can also be downloaded from and uploaded into any custom EDID Memory, which allows the possibility of off-line EDID editing and the creation of custom EDID files.
All these powerful features allow the unit to be seamlessly integrated into any professional AV system.

DVI-3580a has a suggested list price of $2,195, includes a three-year warranty and is available for immediate delivery.

Click here for more information about the DVIGear DVI-3580a multiviewer switcher/scaler.

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