Electrosonic Technology Partner Program Completes One Year

Published: May 25, 2023

Electrosonic announced it is celebrating one year since the inception of its Technology Partner Program. Formed in May 2022, the program brings together technology innovators in both hardware and software to create synergies among like-minded companies. Per the company, it thus enables the creation of world-class experiential technology. Since its start, the Electrosonic Technology Partner program has grown in size and maturity to represent 15 member organizations.

Along with a focus on shared innovation, the program aims to establish collaboration among members. It also seeks to embed shared values while supporting customers globally in designing, building and supporting world-class experiential technology spaces.

“Electrosonic and Smart Monkeys, Inc. have been working together for years; and our Strategic Technology Partnership has been the opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment and deliver the most advanced AV systems around the world. Our strength as a team, allows our combined talent to respond to the challenges of today’s market with systems that are ready for the future,” says Alan Anderson, chief operations officer of Smart Monkeys, Inc.

Unique Opportunity for Technology Partners

The recent introduction of the Technology Advisory Council (TAC), facilitated by Electrosonic, provides a unique opportunity for the technology partners to come together to discuss cooperative solutions and accelerate innovative thinking, adding value to member firms and the clients they serve. This is due to the philosophy of the program’s heavy focus on intentional engagement between the members, a statement notes.

“Nanolumens was thrilled when asked to become an early member of Electrosonic’s Technology Partner Program and we jumped at the opportunity,” adds Kurt DeYoung, chief revenue officer at Nanolumens. “The program has allowed us to build stronger collaborations throughout the organization leading to the delivery of some truly amazing experiences for customers. Our aligned perspectives have also helped us develop innovative solutions centered around the needs of digital experience designers and end users.”

According to Electrosonic, the Technology Partner program members include various well-known companies. Some of them are 7thSense, Barco, Chaperone, Disguise, Draper, The Glimpse Group, Holoplot, Legrand AV, Nanolumens, Pixera, Q-SYS, Realmotion, Shure, Smart Monkeys, Inc. and SNA Displays.

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