Elite Screen’s Aeon UST Projection Screen Rejects Ceiling Light

Published: 2015-11-11

Elite Screens is known for its selection of affordable screen products that serve dealers in categories such as multimedia, dedicated home theater and even commercial video.

What often gets overlooked about the company its diversity of products. The Garden Grove, Calif.-based manufacturer has announced its Aeon UST (Ultra Short Throw) fixed-frame projection screen that incorporates its StarBright CLR (Ceiling Light Rejecting) screen material.

The StarBright CLR material features a serriform micro-structure that is said to absorb up to 95 percent of a room’s overhead lighting to maintain contrast levels and minimize image washout specifically for projectors installed as tabletop units. The screen material delivers contrast ratios 100 times greater than standard matte-white screens.

Supporting the edge-free Aeon UST’s versatility, Elite Screen explains that dealers can utilize the screen as a cost-effective solution that provides homeowners and business owners a large-screen picture solution that is less expensive than large flat-panel displays.


Elite adds that dealers can place the screen in environments that range from living rooms to corporate boardrooms. Through its 180-degree viewing angle, neutral color temperature and contrast capabilities, the Aeon UST ensures that entire groups of viewers will all receive a quality video experience.

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