Environmental Lights Launches Dual-Mode Universal Dimming Drivers

Published: February 7, 2024
Courtesy / Environmental Lights

Environmental Lights, the San Diego, Calif.-based, LED lighting solutions provider, has launched Dual-Mode Universal Dimming Drivers.

Per the company, the Dual-Mode Universal (DMU) Dimming Drivers are highly versatile power supplies. The full-capacity drivers accept universal input dimming signals compatible with all major control systems. They also feature a toggle that allows users to easily switch between constant voltage reduction (CVR) and pulse width modulation (PWM) output modes.

DMU Dimming Drivers enable seamless integration and precise control of LED lighting, regardless of the size and layout of an installation, says Environmental Lights. PWM output can be used for loads within 25 feet of the power supply, while CVR should be used for any runs beyond that.

Constant Voltage Reduction is the key to running loads further while protecting and extending the life of LEDs. Unlike most power supplies on the market, CVR ensures that there are no voltage spikes, keeping the LED’s running at the coolest possible temperature. Heat is inversely correlated to the lifespan of LEDs, therefore CVR output is critically important when power supplies are installed at long distances from light fixtures. This new technology also grants smooth, continuous, flicker-free dimming down to .1%, says Environmental Lights.

“We’ve removed all the limitations of a traditional dimming driver to create a product that can be seamlessly integrated into any installation,” says David Vogel, director of sales & support at Environmental Lights. “Constant Voltage Reduction ensures that LEDs are never overdriven and shine brighter for longer.”

Dual-Mode Universal Dimming Driver Features

Environmental Lights' Dual-Mode Universal Dimming Drivers 3

Courtesy / Environmental Lights

Dual-Mode Universal Dimming Driver key features include the following:

  • Universal input dimming signal compatible with all major control systems
  • Toggle for simple adjustment between PWM and CVR output modes
  • Full capacity driver
  • Continuous flicker free dimming to .1%
  • Integrated wiring compartment
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS
  • 5-year warranty

Whether you are a home builder, a scenic lighting designer, or a commercial lighting expert, Dual-Mode Universal Dimming Drivers can be integrated effortlessly into any project. If you’re interested in learning more about the ideal combination of lights and power for your next installation, Environmental Lights’ sales engineers are available to assist at (888) 880-1880 or by requesting a quote here.

The Dual-Mode Universal Dimming Drivers are available now.

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