Epson PowerLite 1200 Series Projectors Are Wireless and Portable

Published: August 18, 2017
Epson PowerLite 1200 Series Projectors includes includes PowerLite 1286 and 1266 wireless and portable projectors.

Tapping into workforce demand for mobility, Epson has announced its Epson PowerLite 1200 Series Projectors, which includes PowerLite 1286 and 1266 wireless and portable projectors. The projector maker says the PowerLite 1286 is Full HD and offers screen mirroring from a smartphone or streaming device with Miracast.


Both PowerLite 1200 Series Projectors, according to an Epson press release, feature big, bright imagery, and enable fast, easy setup in small and medium sized meeting rooms.

‚ÄúEpson¬†continues to lead the meeting room¬†projector¬†industry segment through constant technology innovation at every price point,‚ÄĚ says Remi Del Mar, senior product manager,¬†Epson¬†America, Inc., in a press release. ‚ÄúWith the ability to display large, bright images, combined with the latest connectivity features, the new¬†PowerLite¬†1200-Series¬†ensures ease-of-use and productivity.‚ÄĚ

Epson¬†projectors¬†feature 3-chip technology for up to 3x Higher Color Brightness¬†and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut¬†than competitive DLP¬†projectors¬†‚Äď delivering remarkable color accuracy, according to the Epson press release.

More from Epson’s PowerLite 1200 Series press release:

The PowerLite¬†1200-Series¬†supports advanced wired and wireless solutions ‚Äď including MHL¬†and HDMI ‚Äď allowing users to project presentations from laptops, mobile and streaming devices. The PowerLite¬†1266 offers WXGA resolution, and the¬†PowerLite¬†1286 features WUXGA Full HD resolution, enabling Full HD-quality content for each¬†projector. In addition, both models provide 3,600 lumens of color brightness and 3,600 lumens of white brightness¬†for more accurate colors and sharp image resolution, even in well-lit rooms.

Epson adds that the projectors include the following features:
  • Remarkably accurate and vivid color even in well-lit rooms ‚ÄstFeaturing 3,600 lumens of color brightness and 3,600 lumens of white brightness
  • Higher Color Brightness and Wider Color Gamut ‚Äst3LCD, 3-chip technology for 3x Higher Color Brightness and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut than competitive DLP¬†projectors
  • Wireless Connectivity¬†‚ÄstProject from your laptop, tablet or smartphone1¬†without plugging into the¬†projector, so you can move freely
  • HDMI Video and Audio ‚ÄstWorks with the latest laptops and media players
  • Quick and Easy Setup ‚ÄstGet up and running in no time with fast wireless setup, easy image adjustments and convenient controls

Epson says the two projectors will be available in September through authorized dealers with PowerLite 1286 at $799 MSRP and PowerLite 1266 at $649 MSRP.

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