Exterity Makes IPTV Splash with AvediaStream at ISE

New AvediaStream t5500 and t5600 transcoders enable streaming content across a wide range of networks, including the corporate wired LAN, WiFi, WAN and the Internet.

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Looking to tap into the demand that many organizations have to stream more content — and to integrators’ demand to help them do so — enterprise IPTV technologies provider Exterity launched its AvediaStream transcoders at ISE 2015.

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The t5500 and t5600 transcoders are designed to enable integrators and organizations to stream content across a wide range of networks, including the corporate wired LAN, WiFi, WAN and the Internet.

Watch Exterity CEO Colin Farquhar discuss the AvediaStream t5500 and t5600 transcoders:

From Exterity’s press release:

The new high performance AvediaStream transcoder family of products enable oranizations to transform content to match business network infrastructure requirements and device types. The transcoders help Exterity customers to integrate video with their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, allowing staff to watch tailored video channels on their devices as they work remotely, as well as on the corporate network. Exterity transcoders can also match Content Delivery Network requirements and contribute IPTV streams to large scale web-based distribution systems.

Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity, commented: “Remote working and corporate BYOD policies have increased the need for organisations to stream video over any network. Our high capacity AvediaStream transcoders offer a responsive and flexible solution to meet this requirement, allowing video content to be reformatted and delivered in real time over IP networks to mobile devices.”

“Exterity transcoders provide a unique solution to transcode, transrate, transpose, transcast and transcale a video, enabling content distribution to unmanaged environments outside the LAN such as to iOS and Android devices. This allows our customers to offer the highest quality video even to staff working from home or on-the-go,” concluded Farquhar.

The AvediaStream transcoders t5500 and t5600 are the first in a range of products due for release this year to make the delivery of any content to any device across any network possible.

The key AvediaStream transcoder t5500 and t5600 features include:

  • Transcoding: conversion of audio and video encoding of stream to format appropriate for viewing devices.
  • Transrating: change of stream encoding bitrate to match bandwidth available across networks being used for distribution of video content.
  • Transposing: rotation of video to allow it to be used in applications where alternative video orientations are required.
  • Transcasting: convert between multicast and unicast streaming to simplify delivery of content across non-multicast enabled networks.
  • Transcaling: adjustment of scale of video to allow content to be delivered at an optimised resolution for the target viewing device.

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