Extron Global Scripter Harnesses Python Language

Published: January 29, 2018

Extron has certified programmers across the world to use the Extron Global Scripter integrated development environment. [related]

The Anaheim, Calif.-based company says Global Scripter harnesses the “dynamic power and intuitive nature” of the Python programming language.

“With the addition of Extron control system programming, customers now have the most powerful tools available to build efficiently designed, sophisticated control systems,” says Casey Hall, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Extron.

“By combining Extron’s Global Scripter IDE with the ControlScript custom Python library, we offer a very user friendly, robust programming platform for our customers worldwide.”

Explaining the value of Python further, Extron says the programming language is an efficient, object-oriented tool that enables programmers to reuse code and ultimately save developmental time.

The Environment Complements ControlScript Python Library

Compatible with Extron’s ControlScript Python library, the combination of the Global Scripter programming platform and ControlScript library uses familiar A/V terms to make the programming of A/V control systems easier.

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Extron emphasizes that access to Global Scripter and ControlScript is available to certified Extron Authorized programmers.

The company supports these products with its Extron Qualified Independent Programming (EQIP) program, which provides professional integrators with a wealth of companion resources.

Extron Global Scripter at a Glance

  • Develop AV control systems via Python 3.3
  • Engineered for exclusive use with Extron Pro Series Control Systems
  • Works with Extron ControlScript library that includes common A/V industry terms, and it automates control system functions
  • Enables efficiency with quick start and project execution via Extron Global Scripter modules
  • Packages all resources into a single file and format
  • Global Scripter format is designed for easy transport and management
  • Allows for the sharing of code across different projects

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