Extron CS 123 Speaker Produces 165-Degree Field of Dispersion

Published: August 14, 2014

Extron is a California-based manufacturer that designs and produces a vast product line that covers a variety of market categories.

The Skinny: Extron is primarily known for its video products, but also offers a complete line of audio solutions that now includes the CS 123T SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker System.

The Specs: The CS 123T SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker System is engineered to produce a wide 165-degree conical dispersion pattern to facilitate its installation into any number of room environments. Extron explains the speaker is designed to deliver high levels of intelligibility throughout its coverage pattern.

The speaker system incorporates the company’s CS 120P plenum-rated enclosure and a CS 3T full-range loudspeaker cartridge. Extron states the speaker installs quickly into two-foot by two-foot suspending ceilings, and it incorporates a full-range driver.

Photos of the Extron CS 123T SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker System.

“The fast installing SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker System has quickly become a favorite of A/V integrators, and we are pleased to offer our customers a choice between the wide frequency response of the two-way CS 1226T system or the wide coverage pattern for voice and paging offered with the new CS 123T system,” says Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing for Extron. “The vocal clarity and broad dispersion of the CS 123T are ideally suited for meeting spaces, office environments and a range of other voice reinforcement or paging applications.”

Extron adds the speaker can be used in 70-volt/100-volt systems, or in installations where 8-ohm speakers are required.

Solutions: Extron’s CS 123T SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker System can be used in situations that include paging systems and low-ceiling installations.

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