Focusrite Acquires Martin Audio to Enhance Music Technology Capabilities

Published: December 19, 2019
Focusrite founder and chairman Philip Dudderidge, Martin Audio managing director Dominic Harter and Focusrite CEO Tim Carroll celebrate their partnership.

Focusrite plc., which comprises the Focusrite, ADAM Audio, Novation and Ampify Music brands, today announced the acquisition of LDC-backed Martin Audio Ltd and associated companies.

Focusrite’s acquisition of the British designer and manufacturer of loudspeaker systems follows its recent addition of Berlin-based studio loudspeaker manufacturer ADAM Audio, but has been a consideration for Focusrite founder and chairman Phil Dudderidge for years.

“I have known Martin Audio since its beginnings in Covent Garden in 1971,” he said in the joint announcement. “Founder Dave Martin and I became close friends in 1989 when I served as an advisor to him and non-executive chairman for a year or so as we prepared the company for sale to Tannoy Goodman International plc (TGI) in 1990.

“Martin Audio is a close neighbor to Focusrite Audio Engineering in High Wycombe and their current management recognized that Focusrite plc was the obvious trade candidate to acquire the business from its private equity and management ownership structure,” said Dudderidge.

“My conviction as to the outstanding performance of the Martin MLA system was cemented at BST Hyde Park concerts in recent years, notably Tom Petty in 2017 and Eric Clapton in 2018,” he said in the announcement.

Why Focusrite Wanted Martin Audio

The Focusrite Group’s criteria for acquisitions remain both strict and targeted, said Focusrite CEO Tim Carroll in the joint announcement.

“The acquisition of Martin Audio is a strong demonstration of our strategic aim to expand into new markets,” he said in the joint announcement. “Martin Audio is also an established brand with solid financials that instantly add value.

“More importantly though, they’re culturally aligned with a clear part to play in our unfolding narrative. The Focusrite Group is, first and foremost, a professional music technology company, focused on enriching lives through music by removing barriers to creativity, from that first spark of musical inspiration, to delivering an emotionally charged performance on stage,” said Caroll in the announcement.

“Martin Audio completes that journey, uniting the audience by creating the ultimate live sound experience. The Martin Audio family share our hunger to innovate and our passion as music and sound enthusiasts,” he said.

Martin Audio will continue to operate from its headquarter offices and factory in High Wycombe, England, under the leadership of managing director Dominic Harter, who looks forward to an exciting future.

“Martin Audio has been uniting audiences through great sound for almost five decades,” he said in the joint announcement. “Our continued success has been down to a clear, well-executed strategy with over 60 new products launched over the last four years and double-digit growth each year.

“In Focusrite, we have an industry neighbor of the finest pedigree, a global leader in its own right.  Their culture mirrors our own and, getting to know the team, I sense a strong similarity with the deep-rooted values of our own Martin Audio family,” said Harter.

“Focusrite is the perfect partner to help Martin Audio continue the innovations that have driven its success. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we take this next step, a momentous occasion as the Martin Audio brand enters its 50th year.

“Working with Tim, Phil and the Focusrite team, I look forward to seeing all our staff and the wider family grow together, continuing to bring our unique optimised sonic experience to more and more audiences across the globe,” said Harter.


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