High Power Sony 4K Projector Produces 30,000 Lumens

Published: 2014-07-09

Projectors are always one of the most popular product categories at the InfoComm trade show.

The 2014 InfoComm event was no different, with several companies showing high output, high lumen, and 4K products.

The Skinny: Maybe the most anticipated 4K product at the 2014 InfoComm show was Sony‘s new SRX-T423 projector.

The Specs: Sony says the SRX-T423 3D dual projection system projector delivers a 4,096 x 2,160 resolution and contrast ratios up to 3,000:1. The company also points out the projector is capable of producing up to 23,000 lumens when operating in its “center” mode and as much as 30,000 lumens in its “high-brightness” mode.


The manufacturer also says that it developed the product to be installer-friendly through options like the ability to use lenses from other SRX series projector models, and vertical tilt angle capabilities up to 30 degrees.

Solutions: Sony says that dealers can spec the SRX-T423 projector into environments that include planetariums, museums, simulation systems, presentation halls, entertainment venues and auditoriums.

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