How This New ‘Mixed Reality’ Microsoft Innovation Will Change Employee Training Forever

Published: August 26, 2016

Imagine you’re training your newest employee on how to correctly install a giant video wall display consisting of new technology that most of your employees have never seen before.

How do you do it?

Sure, you could have the employee shadow you during the actual installation and have them learn from your own work, but it may be too risky to hand over any responsibilities to them when they are brand new to the technology.

You could try to teach them the installation process through images, diagrams and videos, but without hands-on application, this method can only teach a new employee so much.

GALLERY: Don’t Miss Seeing the HoloLens in Action

Lucky for you and every other business out there, Microsoft has developed a virtual solution that is bound to transform the way employees are trained.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is a holographic computer that enables users to interact with high definition holograms in their own world, creating what Microsoft calls “mixed reality”.

Mixed reality is defined as the merging of real world and virtual worlds to produce a new environment where physical and digital objects can co-exist and interact.

The Microsoft HoloLens

“HoloLens is bringing forth a new medium, a new paradigm of mixed reality, where for the first time in our history, we have the ability to take the analog world and superimpose in it digital artifacts and create this mixed reality. You can be anywhere, from anywhere,” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference.

With HoloLens, trainees can bring an extremely realistic holographic image of, say, a giant video wall, directly into an office, training facility, school, university, or anywhere else training may take place, and allows them to interact with the object to learn its functions, applications and other information needed to do their jobs.

“Mixed reality has proven to increase the speed and the quality of learning, and with Microsoft HoloLens, employees can experience realistic, 3D training at scale, integrated with their exisiting productivity tools,” said Lorraine Bardeen, general manager of Windows and HoloLens Apps & Strategy, at the Worldwide Partner Conference.

During this year’s conference, Nadella, Bardeen, and Arantxa Lasa Cid, program director of HoloLens Apps & Strategy, demonstrated just how the HoloLens will transform employee training.

Click here to see Arantxa demonstrate what training would be like for an engine technician for Japan Airlines using the HoloLens.

The HoloLens is commercial ready and shipping today. Click here for more information.

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