‘Industry First’ Network Scanning Capabilities Added to WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R Cellular Amplifiers

Published: February 3, 2021

WilsonPro announce the integration of what it calls “industry-first network scanning capabilities” into all new WilsonPro Enterprise 4300/4300R cellular amplifiers moving forward.

“This built-in network scanning feature will eliminate the ambiguity of whether the cellular amplifier is working properly for all carriers by providing users with real-time measurements of cellular signal power level, signal quality, and frequencies for every major U.S. and Canadian carrier, helping give the user a better installation, better performance and optimization by carrier,” according to the announcement.

WilsonPro says the feature will not increase product pricing, with the data being accessible through the WilsonPro Cloud.

More from the company:

Until now, cellular signal amplifiers could only measure the average power level for the whole set of frequencies, not for each specific carrier. If an issue arose, users didn’t have visibility into which carrier was experiencing connectivity issues or a means to compare respective signal strength by carrier. The only way to verify that the system was working was to attempt phone calls on all carriers or take measurements with a Cell LinQ or similar meter.

As a result, diagnosing and fixing issues took a significant amount of time and resources. Installers were often required to make several trips to the cellular amplifier to pinpoint the problem through trial and error manual testing that included the time-consuming task of having to place calls through various carriers.

“We had always hoped to offer this granular level of measurement in our cellular signal amplifiers, and it is a feature that our installers have always requested, but it was very difficult technologically to pull each carrier’s separate readings from the cellular signals the amplifier was picking up,” said Bruce Lancaster, CEO at Wilson Electronics.

“We are thrilled to have cracked the code and can now provide these exclusive, groundbreaking Network Scanning capabilities on all new Enterprise 4300/4300R amplifiers moving forward at no additional cost so users can enjoy the strongest cell signal possible.”

The Enterprise 4300/4300R is stackable and scalable so installers can configure cellular coverage for in-building areas up to 1 million square feet, depending on the building’s architecture, making it suited for larger commercial buildings, such as office buildings, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, and more.

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